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Kingdom/Family Suggestions

Would adding boundries be helpful, or not?

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One of the suggestions I have is having some Kingdom boundaries with towns, castles. Instead of one huge free-for-all land mass where there is no set boundaries. Along with this the AI could b worked where Lords or parties/mercenaries could have defined areas they patrol/guard rather than running around aimlessly. Having control over where your members of your clan or lords in your kingdom would really add to this game.
So far the diplomacy is okay but I believe there should be much more control over a Kingdom that is player ruled. I believe that setting boundaries could be super helpful. I know this is early access but I would like feel like a King not just lowly peseant who happens to own troops and lands, this alone aids in the immersion.

With that family needs to be tightened down, having a spouse and kids is cool but when there is so little content it is not worth playing other then the promises of dying and playing as one of them. Having a family tree that can be viewed and showing close and extended family would be a nice touch, take Total War Rome 2 as an example and how that family tree is done, I liked it also adoption would be the cherry on top as well.
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