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Sir calrad

lol well i would like to say (and im sorry for the bump) that im back and getting into full production mode and i will hopefully have more time to mod.


Maybe you should get King Arthur knights as an unit which you can only get by talking to King Arthur himself and consists of a whole new unit tree like:Squire-->Foot Squire or Loyal Horsemen-->Knight Infantry or Riding Knights whichever works with you.There should also be a round table at the castle as memtioned in the fables.....

And how about Mondread and that witch that cause King arthur and Grand Wizard Merlin downfall,they should have a faction too maybe as rulers of demons.

And if you wanna make the Excalibur,then it should be plain with just a broadsword look but is able to transform to other weapon which i have no idea how are you gonna make it.

And lastly the knight armour must be heavy fully plated like plate armour together with plated pants,example like the robe,and offers high defense.


Sergeant at Arms
No, no, no tranformations, that is a stupid idea.  I am sorry, I don't mean to shoot down your idea, it is as valid as anyone's, but that is a stupid idea.  This should be realistic, not fantasy.


Well i told you that you can ignore my idea...but can you add in demons or the powerful witch,err whats her name Modread?


I believe you're referring to Morgan Le Fey, originally a benevolent character though eventually vilified by Medieval Christianity.


Yeah thats the one,about adding her in as someone good or bad is totally up to you.But is there gonna be any Demons?


:idea: you could make like a jousting tournament or you could, if you become really good in someones service then you could get one of them in your team as a hero which some really super stuff

Sir calrad

sorry guys but im not going to be able to finish this i am way to buisy and so far i havnt had all that much help (thanks to stoned i can say i had some help) i know this had (sorta) support


Hi, i'm a noob, but i may by of some halp :smile: i can model some weapons for this mod, just mail me to : ingvardm at gmail dot com
I'd be happy to help.


Hey i can do Excalibur if you want but i don't want to join the team I'm with another mod the WWZ mod
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