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Sir calrad

Now i have begun to work on a king Arthur mod witch (obviously) is about the story of King Arthur. i know that i haven't made much but i am hoping to be able to get the coding done soon.

The main base story of this mod is that Sir Gawain has become very arrogant and has then turned on his king and then Sir Gareth,Sir Lancelot and Sir Kay have also turned on him now the king is looking for another knight to take their place and help defend the kingdom from the evil. you have a choice to eather join Sir Gawain or join King Arthur.


Excalibur - Until i can be bothered to make a better sword i am currently using stoned's freak sword

Camelot Castle - 50% done

King Arthur's Knights - not done

Knights Armour - not done

King Arthur's Armour not done

Knights Castles - not done

Sir Gawain's Troops - not done

Sir Gawain's Castle - not done

Scenes - 25% done

Cities - 35% done

Other Stuff - mostly done

Coding - 5% done

Other Models - not done

If you would like to help with anything please post here or contact me via PM.

I mostly need someone to help with the models thanks in advance.

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Sir Calrad (Me XD)

if you cant mod/model there is another way you could help and that is making scenes and this is how you do it:

copy everything in the native file and paste it into a new folder named KingArthurMod Scenes next open mount and blade do NOT click play click the "configure" button and go to advanced and then choose OK now select that folder (it should say  KingArthurMod Scenes in the drop down menu) now click play. when its loaded up start a new game and all that now go to zendar (or any town) and push Ctrl+Enter now now push Ctrl+E now you should see a little box you are now in edit mode and you can click the little icons and add things to the screen i wont spend anymore time further on explaining this.

Sir calrad

sorry i dont have much yet not even the castle of Camelot is completed and im making it my top pryority to finish it.


Master Knight
I plan on eventually including a king arthur land in Mythology mod, maybe we could help each other out some time?


Here's an model of the Excalibur that I made. I want to help you get somewhere, it's just an 20 minutes sword so I havnt put so much work on it. And I havn't learned unwrapping yet so I havn't added any textures. Tell me if u want it and I can mail it to you.

Regards Dealman

Sir calrad

Thanks dealman for the sword and yeah if you could mail that to me that would be great. Also who says trhat family and friends dont turn on each other for more power? should i give an example?

EDIT: and yeah Chilly that would be awsome


Why no plate armor? They use plate armor in the King Arthur movie, well not arthur or lancelot. But in some scenes there is plate armor. But then it's most cloth.

Sir calrad

I am planning on using plate armour plate armour was the normal armour set for a knight in medeival times since they had to be strong to defend from crossbows and longbows i am also planning on making long bows a bit stronger
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