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key binding woes

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I want to use W,A,S,and D to control the ships (i have my move keys somewhere else)

I attempted to use autohotkey for this but there's one problem with that - the game prevents the Suspend command from working as long as it's in focus. This is a problem if I ever want to type anything.

My ideal solution would be instruction on modifying the Modules files to change the keys but a fix to autohotkey would be helpful too.

Note: I'm only posting this here because I have finally given up after spending 6 hours trying to figure this out by myself.
Hi Dafrandle,

We will take a look and change it if We consider.

don forget the provide the usual information requested (rgl_log, version...)

Thank you


i have since found another workaround so the autohotkey problem is no longer an issue.

however, a page to edit module specific keybinds would be a welcome addition
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