Unsolved Key Authentication failure


Knight at Arms
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Over the last months, I often run into issues where people cannot connect to my servers due to the key authentication failure. I am pretty sure it is not because of my servers since I tried out a couple of different providers already. I am assuming it happens when people often leave and connect 30 mins later again to the server. The only fix is a server restart or when you wait for 5-10 minutes. It is not a big deal to do it if I would have to do it less. But currently, it happens very often and I have to do it multiple times per day. But sadly did not find a fix for it. Since for the authentication, my Warband server has to contact the Taleworlds main server, I could imagine that there somewhere is the issue. Does anyone have an idea who to do a workaround or know how to fix it?

I appreciate any response.
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