B Oriental Kengeki Gaiden

Would you like to see a new version of Kengeki?

  • I'd like to see a new version of Kengeki for Warband

    Votes: 144 38.8%
  • I'd like to see a new version of Kengeki for Fire & Sword

    Votes: 227 61.2%

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Manfred von Scarlet said:
Are you still working on this, mate? Or have you left the Single Player's progress to others?

It's on hold for the moment. I started a part time job so I have lost even more free time.


Knight at Arms
Seeing the mod is set in 17th century Japan,maybe add the Dutch as a faction? They had a colony
in Japan in the early 1600's :wink:
could this be uploaded to a download mirror please, i have been a fan of this mod ever since it's first multiplayer release and mbrepositry speeds are around 10 hours long for me to download something :grin:


it could be a great mod, but

i ve istalled mod, deleted language folder and when I going to map of the world, it´s dark...


I love you guy's do you know how many samurai rpg games their are whitout the magic that screws it up ... non but i have only one request please put in guns and ashigaru.


I can only recruit men from villages for only 10 sec after that i can only hire mercenaries.
is there somting i need to do to change that or what?


This project looks awesome :grin:  if you're still doing anything for it, send me a message, I'd love to help.  I know a bit of coding, I write, and I'm a novice at texture work.
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