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Heroes now can die like ordinary npc, it's cool, but there should be a better and straightforward way to recover items from fallen comrades. I suppose this will be fixed in further updates but so far I haven't see many opinions related. There are mainly 3 problems about keeping properties when encountering hero casualty:
1. Player can't get equipment back from fallen companion and spouse.
2. The heir can't recover items(except equipped gears)from dead player and I am not going to besiege a city or wage wars just for acquiring a personal safe......
-May add stash in castle, I mean, it's a castle, it can definitely afford the space....
-May add companion inventory system.
-After main hero die, may auto transfer all items to the heir. Or to be more complicated, let the remaining soldiers come to the heir or stay somewhere until the heir come find them to recover items.
3. All workshops gone after protagonist passed away.... this has to be fixed please.

Seriously, my character just died and I lost all the fancy equipment and over 250 horses and 30 warhorses...
Sorry for the bad English.

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There also needs to be a big alert that pops up when a companion or family member dies. Now when they die in battle they're treated like any other dead soldier. I've lost important companions and not even noticed they're gone. There should be a death screen that comes up when they die that gives you some options on what you want to do with their possessions and whatnot.
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