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I keep trying to log into multiplayer, and keep geeting messages that I can't connect.
Sometimes, almost randomly, I can connect and play maybe somewhere between half a match and just the warm-up before the same message pops up.
What can I do?

It seems almost identical to this video I found:


Same problem bud, tell me something, can you see any servers on the server list? if you don't see any you have the same problem as me.. "not logged in" hell

I can see the server list yeah, between frequent disconnects that's where I can jump in a game for a few mins. Queueing takes way too long, I'll be logged out before it finishes.


I found out what was causing the connection instability. I tried a wired connection (not very practical due to where my router/ethernet connection is located in my home.) an that seems to fix it. The isntability problem however, seems to extend to every wireless connection.
This is the only game I have this issue with.
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