Keep Fiefs you owned before joining a Kingdom when leaving it

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There might be some downsides that I didn't think of but I thought I'd just throw it out there.

If I'm joining a Kingdom and making it stronger by adding my Settlement(s) and troops, once I try and leave they shouldn't just blackmail me into giving my Settlement to them with the threat of a war.

Of course this wouldn't apply to the Fiefs the player acquired while serving the Kingdom.

Maybe there could at least be an option to pay the Kingdom off in case you're willing to keep the Fiefs you owned before joining them and not go to war with them, taking the lower Relationship penalty.

Which I find to be a bit too harsh by the way, isn't it like -20 for relinquishing a ton of land and -30 for betraying the Kingdom and stealing that land from them? There isn't even a choice here.

Anyway, thanks for your time


Yeah I thought they were similar concepts and it would make sense that as a merc or a lord you should keep your fiefs.
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