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Hello there keks and lols ! :mrgreen:

I consider myself to be devoted fans of the Deluge. I play this modification since 2012. Modification is developing, things are changing. But still I have always found that I did not like and wanted to do it so that I liked. I'm still not going to attach links to files, because I uploaded these screenshots for your evaluation of my work. Here are two retextured ottoman muskets. Long ottoman musket I did even a year ago, and a short ottoman musket is literally yesterday (He actually looked terrible, especially the color of the wood  :meh:). I also have a few retextured things, I'll show you later.  :fruity:

Long ottoman musket


Short ottoman musket




P.s    In the near future I am planning publish my sound mod which I have collected the best sound of gunfire for pistols and muskets. I collected suited sounds from other modifications more than a year, something I edited myself. Something I've been looking on Youtube and cut out the sounds and then edit them. :cool: As I have said many times, the sound of gunfire from this modification does not sounds very nice  :party:
Heeellloooo there!  :grin:
I apologize for the delay. I was very busy studying at university :oops:

So there is my muskets files

    :!:  muskets.rar  :!:

Just replace textures in the folder \The Deluge\Textures

I welcome your feedback and suggestions  :fruity:
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