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buıʇʇǝs uoıʇɔǝɹıp ʞɔɐʇʇɐ
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I think this guy doesn't realise that you can hear people shooting bows, me neither
Knew something was suspicious about this man when he went 7-0 in an NA pickup one round, then -1-3 the next. No player can be so inconsistent.

I am very ashamed of you Kane.


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You're the most ret***** clown ever. I honestly cannot believe you think everything is cheating just because you're too bad to understand it. You said I aimbot whilst throwing javs of horseback, usually missing about 1 in 3 (but aimbot is certainly programmed that way!). It's called gamesence, combine that with raw skill and 5k hours and you just get the perfect wristemovement.

Also as a human I have these things called ears, and from the first warband clip shown in Kane's video, it almost seems like he does too! It almost seems like he was listening, or maybe it was called out by teammates prior in the video; therefore he would know or GUESS (after thousands of matches played) there could or would be someone there.

You made up a cheat calling it "autolance" because I know how to ****ing bumpstab someone that's below me by doing a quick late flick, pathetic loser... Don't hate the players that have bigger brains than you and simply know how to combine thinking and playing at the same time, and don't compare people who are actually good at the game with pathetic cheaters.

Also as an example to illustrate my point, at 0:40 you slow down the footage to show what you apperantly believe to be "locking onto someone". The fact that you had to slow down the footage to see he flicks towards the player, missing the initial flick and then re-adjusting it onto the enemy just goes to show how slow your brain really works.
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