Just over 300hrs left & still no dialogue

What are your thoughts?

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Are TW going to add more dialogue options to the player and the NPCs? Are TW going to add dialogue to the current dialogue options for the player and NPCs? Or leave them blank/"nevermind"

Surely it won't be released as purely a battle simulator with a mini-game smithing simulator.
I'll be surprised if they do. The dialog system is awful to work with. And what will they add? Stuff like those 3 flavor options when you first meet someone that everyone ignores? If you add something without any meaning, no one will care about it, like those 3 options. Interesting dialog needs to be tired to actual interesting game mechanics but what are they, and are they feasible at all with the limited dialog system?
Who knows?

They've touched up conversations a bit, commoners have a decent variety I suppose.

The real issue is with Lords, Companions, Notables, and Clan Members. The fact responses are so canned and limited. And still got dead end conversation trees like "There's something I'd like to discuss". Nevermind all the grammar errors yet.

It's best to just accept Bannerlord as a constant work-in-progress. I doubt it'll even be what most people will call "finished" within a year, more likely another 2 at this rate. That's if they finish it at all. If console sales don't bring in enough cash I could see Bannerlord very much remaining largely as is. It's pretty much up to the community to salvage this game.

The "oh just give them more time, it'll be better!" attitude some people have is just misplaced. Yes, sometimes that is true. But honestly you could fund TW for the next 20 years and they'd still be working on Bannerlord. Definitely not an investment I'd make.
If you marry your wife through her father instead of "wooing" her, the first time you meet her in person (after the "wedding ceremony" cutscene) she'll still ask who are you.

Trivial issue of course but it just shows how crappy the so called final product is.
I doubt it. Dialogue serves no purpose in the game, most things you did in warband through dialogue you do through compendium or menus. Well, except quests.
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