Just making sure...you CAN join the minor factions right?

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It be game breaking if I can't join minor factions. I really want to join Highlanders. I can't test it right now because I'm not at home and the PC here is really really bad (can't even play morrowind on lowest settings and literally even pacman lags...super old, dirty PC. Was left in a corner and never used lol. I turned it off, because it probably catch fire with literally the 5 or 6 inches of dust on just the one fan and tons of dirt and food inside...). Staying with my grandparents, and they gave up learning to use the PC. They don't tend to get out much, just use the TV or occasionally play Wii (the original, not Wii u) which they are good at. So PC was left abandoned lol.

Anyway, I'll probably be able to test it once the weekend comes...but really want to know sooner than that if its possible to join the minor factions.

If not, what do I need to mod to be able to join the minor factions? The mod won't be playable if I can't join the other factions that appear :razz:

Also, if I do join highlanders...can I join their army as a part of their troops? Before swearing vassalage to them? If not, what do I need to mod to make that happen? I'd like to do this with every minor faction so my other characters have different variety of who to join.

Thanks for any help :smile: Joining a minor faction will make this mod even more epic :grin: Just being part of a bunch of highlander troops will be a very epic game :grin: Crappy armor and items, but just being a part of them will be amazing to me. I'll even wear the same weapons and armor they use just to be a part of it :grin:


What???????????????? So i can join the Eagle Knights? or the Demon Worshipers? and if i can how do i do that?
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