Just getting back into this game- where do i start??

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I'm about to update my game after a few years. What are the popular mods these days? i checked the mod board, but its really hard to tell whats niche and whats genuinely popular.

can someone recommend some mods or point me to a list of short descriptions for mods.

I really liked Floris, but it seems dead now. Whats the next best replacement?


I don't know floris, so I can't really name a replacement. Mods I play:

Sword of Damocles
get your own kingdom and really issue royal edicts. Prepare for the invading army. Interesting new units.

Europe 1805 vII (age of gunpowder)
Enter europe during the Napoleon wars. A completely different experience from the medieval theme on a huge map of europe.

Lords and Realms
Just starting here. Radically different, extended and confusing troop trees but the combat is still fun


There are plenty of different mods.  Many have complete different feels and focus on different time periods.
(My personal favorites)

1) New Elgante :  This is an interesting mod adding different animations and sounds.  Its a complete overhaul, changing the map, the building structures, the factions (etc).

2) Roman invasion :  This one shouldnt need too much explaining.  It focuses on the Romans. . . Surprise!!!  :mrgreen:  It replaces the factions of Swadia with The Roman Empire, and replaces the Nords with the Gauls.  It adds new items as well.

3) If you're looking for a way to spice up the multiplayer, I would recommend you check out the Bear Force mod.  This is a multiplayer mod only that completely changes the multiplayer into an exciting starwars fps/tps experience.  The closest thing to battlefront in M&B.

Quick list of runner-ups.
Native expansion
roman invasion 2
nord invasion (multiplayer)
Rome at war
warband enhanced
wild wind (multiplayer)
world war 1.2 (multiplayer)
WW2 China Battlefield
Blood and steel

Have fun in the game =D 
Hope this helped


Two things. This thread is from early May, and this is the Mount&Blade part of the forums, not the Warband part of the forums. You listed pretty much exclusively Warband mods.


yikes.  my bad.  I havent been on the forums in just under a year.  forgive my and meh clusminess.  :oops:

Starwars conquest.  thats all i got for the first M&B

The Hash-singing Slasher

Floris isn't dead, but you should try: Prophecy of Pendor, Solid and Shade, Conspiracy mod, and a few more that I can't remember.


I would certainly second Solid and Shade as well as Lords and Realms.  Custom settlements is good in a way that it really turns the gameplay into something else, but many people find it to be a bit slow.


Custom Settlements was certainly interesting to try, but seems very unfinished.  Several of the settlements have floating objects overhead (like the buildings you're supposed to access), or cause crashes as soon as you enter the local setting.  At least two settlements had opponents spawn off the edge of the playable area, with no way to access it, so you couldn't finish the fight except by retreating.  Others were very nicely done and very playable.  There was a loooooong gap between the time you got your first settlement up and running until the various "factions" began to reach the stage of development to coalesce and expand, so it felt like your were simply wasting time until the game progressed.  In general, it looked like a very promising project, 90% complete, but not likely to ever seen completion.

I tried Sword of Damocles, but it was definitely a lot harder, and I kept getting counter-attacked by massive waves of faction forces.  Essentially, I couldn't hold a first castle for more than a couple of days; not enough time to gather a garrison.  Fighting against uphill odds can be fun; following that fight immediately with 4 more against similar sized groups (or one giant battle at 600:60 odds - everything I had left after the siege) just obliterates your force.

I'm currently trying Rus XIII Century, which is going fairly well so far, but still very early in the game.  I'm not particularly liking the huge cites, where you can spend 30 minutes hunting for the lone Goods Merchant or the Horse Trader hidden in some corner.  The "life-like" size is fine, except that you can't ask for directions.  The translation to English is a bit rough in places, but in general it looks very well done.
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