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I just recently finished M&B Warband for the first time after many unfished attempts and must admit that this game is amazing and addictive!

There were few things that puzzled me during my playthrough though. I can understand that they probably compensated for the bad map AI by giving additional perks to the NPC lords, but can it be that hard to script a better AI and equalize abilities? They have like an almost instant recruiting ability without having to do village recruiting runs. They are able to escape battles. They generally don't have a limit on their party size and their party size is not affected by renown or leadership(I once encountered a vassal who had 326 soldiers). How the hell do kings get those huge armies btw? King Ragnar in my playthrough had an average of 800 in his party, which consisted of 200 Huscarls. With a party like that in player hands, they would lose hundreds of soldiers per day, even with leadership maxed out. I could barely manage 250 soldiers. They should either give the player those perks or strip them from NPC's in my opinion.

Is it just me or do your soldiers also get slaughtered during sieges? I can understand that lower ranked soldiers die pretty quickly, but top ranked ones? I eventually resorted to taking only Nord Huscarls and Swadian sharpshooters, but the huscarls were completely overpowered by crap like militia and footmen. I can siege a castle with 150 garrison with a 250 elite troop army(with high morale) and sometimes barely take it. I don't even try the 'Order your troops to attack while you stay behind' option a.k.a. sacrifice your army option.

Did the kings also take ALL the land for themselves and indicate vassals for treason like it was nobody's business. In the original it was more balanced with regards to land distribution. I like the idea of lords defecting, but holy ****! Literally every 5s a lord gets passed along. Before you could complete a quest for them it gets cancelled because they moved. At the end none of the other lords had any land.

What mods can fix these without completely bringing a plethora of it's own problems? Usually mods are to game balance, what a crowbar is to someone's kneecap. My memory might just be rusty, but the originaal M&B right before Warband felt better balanced.
tweak mb, but i'm afraid its a bit late for you.

The reason all those lords hate their king is because they often lose relationship with their king when other lords are granted fiefs. In tweak mb you can balance this out a bit more.
Finish? You can't really "finish" a sandbox career game like this one.
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