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Just a wee Singleplayer suggestions thread.

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Bannerlord is a wonderful successor to Warband so far, however I couldn't notice that there are a few little things that could use some tweaking! In this thread I want to lay out some quality of life and general improvements. Hopefully this is the right place to post this, I'm a tad new here bwahaha. If this is the right place to post it and anybody else wants to throw their thoughts onto the pile, feel free to below. Anywho, on with the suggestions!

#1, Deciding which horse your soon to be upgraded cavalry unit takes so that they don't choose your best horse on a whim.

#2, After besieging a castle you should start inside it so that other people can't just yoink the castle away from you after a successful siege.

#3, If you have a high enough morale and you fall, your men go on after you. (This one's a maybe, more so a quality of life improvement.)

#4, Bring back tournament equipment so that a guy in knight armor can't just enter and win the tournament based purely on defense alone.

#5, A "follow" or "accompany" button like in Warband which allows you to simply tag along NPC's, this would help greatly with caravan missions.

#6, Something that would allow you to suddenly make a deal and switch to fight for your enemy against your teammate; More interaction options regarding NPC's basically.

#7, Some sort of ambience for towns and villages would be nice, such as people speaking, trading wares, playing instruments, carts rolling, etc. Just so that the only sounds you hear aren't just the in-game music, as good as it is.

, More varied player voices, E.G. Arabic, Asian, or Scandinavian accents.

#9, A button or string of code that "un-stucks" you from level geometry.

, NPC's don't seem to really understand castle defense, and some of the castle maps just generally bug out NPC's, teleporting them through roofs and stuff. This is probably already being worked on, but I feel adding my voice to the pile couldn't hurt.
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