Just a mod idea (Short Explanation)

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This is a mod idea in case any of you want to do it because I think it would become a core mod included in most total conversion mods.

SHORT SUMMARY: Money has to be stored somewhere, now you can go with 200k or 2M around the world like its bitcoin, money has to be physical and distributed between your fiefs, your bussiness funds, your caravans, banks at a certain cost in a city, a hideout if you use Freelancer, your party. Money being in places = more profit for those who sack, making it more inmersive and allowing things to go wrong if the city where you stored most of your money gets sacked.

I think this mechanic could be core to many total conversion mods and if anyone actually does it, it would be nice if he allowed others to use it for their mods, so I would suggest making it compatible with other towns/castles that are not vanilla. Sort of like a skeleton of a mod that can make it easy to adapt to other mods that change settlements.

I would reccomend this feature in combination with a general decrease of after battle loot value since its overpriced to give a sense of progression to the player. Which causes a loot based player economy that makes no sense as I explained here

Ty for reading and who knows, maybe someone would like to do it. I honestly cant since im **** at modding.
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