Just a few suggestions on gameplay


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Hey so this is sort of an amalgamation of what I think Bannerlord needs to push the gameplay to the next level. Apologies if some of these ideas are already featured and for any typos.
  • Lord behavior
    • Executions and Death of Nobles
      • Nobles should be executing other nobles every now and then especially based on the relationship between the captured noble and the executioner.
        • For example if the Noble who is captured has a -100 relation with the noble that has captured him then the captured noble should have a much higher risk of being executed.
      • I also think that the clan and placement of the noble in the clan should play a factor depending on the rank of the executioner.
        • If a 6th tier clan executes the patriarch of a 2nd tier clan then the penalty should be lesser regarding honor and negative relations. And if a 2nd tier clan executes a King then the penalty should at least be doubled.
      • Army leaders should also be put at a higher risk of execution if captured.
      • If Death is enabled Nobles should be at risk of dying in battle, of sickness, or of old age.
      • The damage/penalty of executing nobles is too high for the action as it stands in the game.
    • Defeated Kings:
      • An executed or captured King should severely handicap the abilities of a kingdom.
      • A captured king should also lead to advantaged peace talks between the kingdom with the hostage and the kingdom without.
    • Castle Nominations:
      • I feel castle nominations are broken at some points when the ruling clan takes several fiefs for themselves and does not divy the land up and you can’t do anything about it.
    • Rebellions:
      • Feeding into nominations you should be able to refuse the king's decision of awarding a castle much like you can in warband. This would be like withholding your fiefs when resigning from your oath to your lord.
      • I would also like to see the ability to organize a coup d’etat against your king by convincing other clans to help assassinate the ruling clans hiers.
        • It would be awesome to see some NPC autonomy and see other powerful clans try and convince the player to help them overthrow the ruling clan in favor of new power.
        • This would be awesome to see in either some form of actual civil war or more of a cloak and dagger approach by sending a companion and some men to go assassinate another lord.(at risk of losing them)
        • Another idea would be to put a larger scale plan into place by befriending the gang leaders and using them to carry out an assassination
    • Appointment
      • The player if in the proper position should be able to appoint/promote the companions to form their own clan.
        • This would be similar to giving your companions fiefs in Warband they would become autonomous and act as a subordinate clan.
      • This could be taken a step further by appointing notables from cities to other positions such as governor (similar to the promotion of a prominent citizen from the area featured in Warband) or, again, to form their own clan.
    • Summons
      • The player should be able to summon a lord at a low cost of influence for sake of not having to hunt down every single lord you need to talk to.
  • Party management:
    • Shield Maidens and Camp Followers
      • I would like to see the return of Camp Followers and addition of Squires/servants/hunters/herders/scouts/engineers as units
        • These could be a form of support unit that add to things like party speed, inventory size, food gathered/created, siege engine time, and morale. They would not play a combat role typically (unless the player was really hurting for soldiers).
        • Having units like caravan masters could apply a percentage boost that would affect all of these support units.
        • Having Bandits in your party could give you a boost based on what climate you are in
          • Forest Bandits would give movement speed bonus in the forest and Mountain bandits in mountains etc.
      • I would like to see the addition of a Shield Maiden unit for the Sturgian/Battanain factions.
    • Food and Resources
      • Carrying livestock as a large source of food makes sense as long as the player has grain to feed the livestock.
        • Additionally the message “your party has slain some animals to eat” is annoying and unnecessary
      • Starving Parties could resort to eating horses as a last resort
      • Having a supply of wood for sieges prepared should decrease the amount of time it takes to build a siege camp.
    • Mutiny
      • The players party should be at risk of a mutiny led by a companion in the party if morale gets low enough
      • Additionally the player should have the option to incite a mutiny in another lords party by sending a companion with some soldiers (at risk of these men dying).