JOMSBORG - unofficial (clan) server for Víkingr

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Important note!

Jomsborg will be unable to join, reason of that is that we want to keep Hildileikr alive, which is still the OFFICIAL  Víkinger server.

The slots of the Server can always be changed but will generally be around 50,expect there should be an event. The server is located in germany.

Game modes
Jomsborg is generally setted on Deathmatch, it will not be setted on Battle.  Dependet on the number of players, it also can be settet as Siege or Raid.

Server rules
Same as in Hildileikr!
-No insulting of other players or other impoliteness
-No attacking or wounding of team mates in any way – that includes punching and kicking
-No unwarranted hiding or other such trollish behaviour
-No vigilantism – you are to ask the admins to deal with troublesome players


- Ragnarr Jarl Jomsborg
- Björn Ellrí Jomsborg
- Leifr Laegrmadr Jomsborg

Kicks and bans

Dependet on the rule you broke, there will be a justice punishment.

For a unbann request or anything else, write on this thread.

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