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The Norman Brigade is not just a single orientated community focused on a single game franchise we have set our sights and aims on something much larger and ever exploratory.

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Joining the Legion is straight forward but once you are in it what can we offer YOU.
Some of the images are just place holders until more suitable ones are available.​

The Recruit.

This is the entry role for all new members and is the role you will hold until you pass our introduction training. The training itself will be short and it is just a basic guide to our clan how we work and how it all functions you will also be expected to attend several events and be active within the clan to obtain the next role of a Legionnaire.

Recruits will be used as placement during Battle filling where needed.


The Legionnaire.

The most common role held in any Legion was that of the Legionnaire. These members are the backbone of the clan. Once you are a Legionnaire you may apply to join other subunits within the Legion. For those that show merit and constant mature and good conduct as a Legionnaire will quickly rise through the ranks becoming an Optio and eventually a Centurion.

Centurions and Optios are given extra duties, These duties will include training and maintaining the Legion and will find themselves leading subunits within the Legion. During events and battles commanders at all levels will be expected to meet prior to any event to discuss battle tactics and manpower issues.
A section of Leginneaires will be commanded by and Optio and a Centurion.

We expect the entire Legion to actively partake in recruitment.


The Engineers.

Once you achieve the rank and title of Legionnaire you may be able to specialize into one of several subunits, One of these units is the Engineer these troops cover a wide variety of jobs on the battlefield and are an extremely useful tool for any commander.

Engineers will be trained in conjunction with other troops to ensure that correct and meaningful tactics are created to ensure maximum efficiency during deployment. The Engineers will be assigned to a team during events and battles and will be commanded by an Optio.


Archers & Missle Troops.

Another subunit within the Legion these troops are the support of the Legion putting down support and harassing the enemy into making the decision while also covering the legions advances this unit will be commanded by a Centurion.


Mounted Troops.

Mounted troop's main priority is to scout harass and prolong any troop movements while providing vital cover to the Legion its flanks and providing information back to the Legion commanders.

All mounted troops are commanded by a Decurion.



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