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At the moment you can join defenders in Siege but lose many troops to get there. In nearly 90% it would be stupid to help because you lose lots of men. Instead i just take back that castle/town later. But i dont want a change here, because its realistic that i lose soldiers on the way in the castle. The problem is, that the player miss some fun action here if smart.
So here is my suggestion:
! Give the player a "sneak in" option !
You could help the defenders with few men(around 10), have fun in the siege battles as defender.
- If you win, you are again in your party
- If you lose, there is a chance to flee to your party (maybe influenced by perks)
-- If you can flee, your in your party again
-- If you cant flee, your party disband and your in jail of the castle


Yeah I hate the break in mechanics. What I hate about it is that you end up losing so many troops before you even fight. I am all for having to attack my enemy from the outside against the walls of the city or castle with them being fired down upon from the walls as the defenders sally out of the gates but losing 1/3 of my army JUST to participate in the defense sucks.

I would also be ok with having some sort of mini fight that I have to go through before entering the siege, maybe a battle where a portion of the enemy army spawns in against me and I have to win the battle to proceed into the castle/town. This could even be seen as a way to "harrass" and whittle down the enemy numbers, maybe make it a 100 vs 100 battle where if I win, I can bring my entire army into the castle/town and if I lose, I still have caused casualties to the enemy and weakened their attack.

I don't think I like the sneak in option because why would I leave my army out of the battle just to participate in a hopeless siege. There needs to be some option where I can actually use my army without auto loosing 1/3 of it. Also it annoys me that if I do sacrifice the men and break in that if the enemy AI army doesn't still feel it has a 100% chance of victory, it will end up breaking the siege and leaving. There needs to be some point where the AI will go, "I think I can still win" even if it doesn't have an overwhelming advantage.
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