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JailArena (JArena)
The guards and prisoners spawn facing each other.
Both teams stay in their spawn areas.
The Warden (acting as a referee) takes his position.
He calls one or more fighters from either team to join the arena. They fight.
Each team should have an equal number of fighters.
After 58:00, the fighter who is killed in combat loses.
The Winner of the duel goes to the back of the line, and one or more new fighters enter the arena to create a new round.
This goes on until a team (Guards or Prisoners) loses all of its players. That team has been defeated.
Prisoners and guards may use any weapons they wish to.
Shooting is not allowed.
Interfering with duels in any way is an offense worth a ban.
Anyone attacking anyone from the other team out of turn will be slain.
Anyone entering the arena while it is not his/her turn will be slain.
Fighters unwilling to leave the arena and go back to the back of their line after winning a duel will be slain.
If a prisoner or guard surrenders, the Warden decides if they are to be spared or executed.

JailRun (JRun)
Guards and Prisoners spawn in their respective areas.
Aim of the Prisoners is to get to the Win Point and thus escape the arena.
Aim of the guards is to prevent them from doing so, in killing all the prisoners.
Prisoners initially move to the gate, which acts as the starting point.
Guards take positions, ready to shoot the escapees as they emerge.
Warden (and only the Warden) shouts "3... 2... 1... Go!" before opening the gate and releasing the prisoners.
Prisoners have to get to the Win Point by running through the obstacle course, while the guards are shooting at them.
First prisoner to reach the Win Point has beacon and offered the choice to either swap to guard or stay a prisoner as the winner.
The round ends when all prisoners are at the Win Point area or when all are dead.
Glitching outside the map and camping the spawn as either team is slay-able.
Guards are not allowed to enter the obstacle course under any circumstances. Doing so is slay-able.
Prisoners can do anything they would like to impede the progress of their fellow runners.
Guards can use any weapons and attacks they would like to attempt to kill the prisoners, including firearms and melee attacks.
Guards may not enter the course themselves in order to misuse these weapons.
The prisoners who win are to stay at the Win Point.

Jail Assault (JAss)
Prisoners spawn inside the prison.
Guards spawn some distance away from the prison, in a locked spawn room.
Guards have 30 seconds to spawn any weapons they wish to obtain from the weapon chests before the room is opened.
Guards are then expected to charge towards the island, with the intent of killing all the prisoners.
Both sides are hostile to each other, and are free to attack the other faction whenever they wish to.
Keep in mind that the prisoners are not able to deal damage until 58:00.
The defending team (the prisoners) are not allowed to leave the prison under any circumstances.
Guards who camp excessively instead of charging and attacking will be slain after a warning.
Ratio of guards/prisoners should be around 2:3.

Jail 'N Seek (JNS)
Prisoners spawn at the win point outside the prison, where they can arm themselves and organize their attack.
Guards spawn near the main gates of the prison.
The prison leader is teleported to the guards.
Prisoner leader has to surrender all of his weapons, and follow the guards peacefully to wherever they wish to imprison him.
Rest of the guards who are not escorting the prisoner are meant to adopt defensive positions and begin firing at the prisoners.
Prisoners have 7 minutes to rescue their leader. After 7 minutes (at 53:00), he will be executed by the guards.
Leader of the prisoners should ideally be an admin or a trustworthy player (a VIP).
Guards are not allowed to harm the leader in any way while he is in the prison.
If the leader escapes and is outside it, they are free to try to kill him before he reaches the Win Point.
Deliberately killing the prisoner leader as a guard results in a temporary ban.
Admins can freeze and teleport another prisoner to act as the leader until a new one is formally chosen. This is to prevent unnecessary resets if the prisoner leader dies halfway through the round.
Guards must execute the prisoner leader after 53:00. This will mean that the prisoners have lost the round.
Prisoner leader is not allowed to try to escape on his own!
One sapper is allowed, with 100 build points, to build defenses for the guards.
Guards win if all prisoners are either killed or surrender, or if the prisoner leader dies.
Prisoners win if they find their leader, and escort him back to the Win Point, before he is executed by the guards.
Prisoners can still win even if there are still guards who are alive.
Prisoners can also win by killing all the guards.
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