Janusz Radziwill, where art thou?

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Well, this has been asked before all right - I found a Black Mace quest topic on this forum using google but the forum kind of told me not to necro threads, hence I'm starting a new one. And this is, you may have guessed it, about Janusz Radziwill. I'm almost willing to give up on finding the douche - he is supposedly in one of the Polish towns, isn't he?

Rant: Well, simply put - he isn't, not in my game at least. I mean seriously, who in his right mind makes quest critical NPCs travel around at random with the result, or at least a high chance of it getting bugged? I know this is a rant but quest design in this game is nothing short of abysmal. Note to the devs - a lot of stuff in M&B is fun but certainly, wandering around the map looking for an arbitrarily spawning/de-spawning/respawning NPC is NOT fun, simple as that (and I sure hope the devs will look at other games to get inspiration on how to PROPERLY do quests for the next M&B game). Rant off ^^

So err, is there anyway I can salvage this quest? I mean, I'm getting locations for the same four claimants over and over again but Janusz Radziwill never shows up as an option - this is from travellers in Polish taverns who apparently know where to find the Yeti but certainly not a claimant of their own faction. Is this quest known to bug out? I'm essentially lost here.


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I've found that also with the Muscovite quest line. There's no great issue just pledging allegiance to the pretender directly. If you follow the storyline closely, Stephan Razin seems to vanish. Maybe he respawns, but it didn't haven't when I was playing for a while after.


I found something that worked. Find a traveler in a tavern and ask him about the pretenders. Skip through his speech, the ask about where to find them. You should then be able to ask him about the whereabouts of Janusz Radziwill
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