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RoryTheGreat said:
Team Name: Sargoth Sea Raiders

Addition: Make, Bitter Bloom,

Removal: Kiano, Watly, Faded, Chaff
Make and Bitter Bloom added
Kiano and Watly removed.
I believe that Faded and Chaff have both played in a match though? By the rules they cant be removed.

Erminas said:
Replacing White Noise with Triari.


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Congratulations to the teams that have qualified for the Knockout stage of J7L.
Rosters of the Top 8 teams are now in the 2nd post of this thread.

Deadline for roster submissions is Tuesday 14.11 @ Midnight GMT.
This means that if you wish to replace players or add 2nd or 3rd IDs, you should do it before the deadline is over.
Using player that is not on the roster is strictly prohibited and team that does it will be banned.
It is strictly prohibited to play under ID you are not signed up under. Doing this will also get your team banned. So please make sure you use ID (or one of the IDs) you have signed up under.
If team contacts haven't provided at least one ID for any of their players by the deadline, then those players are not allowed to be used in matches.

Allowed Roster changes:

Drink Team
  • Can add 1 more player
  • Can replace following player: Tony

Defenders of Faith
  • Can replace following players: Dangel and Shinrog
  • Player missing ID: Shinrog

  • Can replace following players: Ficko and Lenin
  • Players missing ID: Ficko and Lenin

  • Can not replace any players

Quick Maths
  • Can replace following players: Ianitori, Ibrahana, Jordan, Sleekphantom and Spitfireboy
  • Players missing ID: Ianitori and Ibrahana

Fedner Favby Funkers
  • Can add 1 more player
  • Can replace following players: JavJavBinks, Broomstick and Javbo

Bohemians Guard
  • Can add 1 more player
  • Can replace following players: Daniel, JonyD, Marvv, Pajikoman and WermonCZ

Cheshire Cats Clan
  • Can add 1 more player
  • Can replace following player: CCC_Sir_Galamad


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Team name: Defenders of Faith

Remove: Dangel and Shinrog please


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