[J7L] Congratulations, Credits and Closing Thoughts

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Congratulations, Credits and Closing Thoughts

First Javby Tournament finished last week. We had some good and some bad moments, but what matters the most is that we gave Warband new battlefield for competing within Mount&Blade games universe. I hope all of you enjoyed playing or watching Javby matches and see you soon in our next projects. This tourney was just the first step!
Right, on to the winners:

Gold Cup Winner



Congratulations to KAHPE'LER, the winner of the very first Javby Tournament! You definitely grew up as team as the season passed.
Great team play, especially in the Final match, got you Gold!
Congrats once again and I hope we will see you again in our future Javby Tournaments!

Silver Cup Winner



Rocket Queen
Congratulations on winning the Silver Cup, TCB!
The professionalism you showed when it comes to preparing and organizing matches as well as streaming on numerous occasions
was the most pleasant surprise of J7L.
It was pleasure to have you in our competition and I am looking forward to seeing more of the TCB crew in the future Warband tournaments!

Bronze Cup Winner
Drink Team



Bronze Cup goes to the Drink Team!
You really played well throughout whole J7L Season.
I have no doubts, that if you join our next tournaments you can only go higher. Was great to have you in our first Javby tourney!

-will try to keep it sweet and short-​

First up our Official Sponsors SimRai who have supported many Warband tournaments and have been responsive and helpful when needed. Without sponsors like this we would not be able to organize all these tournaments This Admin Team has been hosting for years. If you need reliable and affordable servers do check SimRai @ www.simrai.com

Admin Team:
Thanks to my Admin team, especially Aeronwen, for time they have dedicated to Javby 7 League.
Also big thanks to William for updating and improving the mod. Looking forward to seeing how far can Javby go with next updates!

Server donors:
Shoutout to Viglaf for hosting our Public DoF_Javby_Server as well as one Holland located J7L server.
Our gratitude goes to TaleWorlds as well, for supporting our tournament with one additional Holland located server.

Streamers and Tournament Promotion:
Huge thanks to two amazing streamers: Greed & TCB.
Greed and his streaming channel has already established itself as one of the best in Warband. The quality of the streams certainly didn't lack this time as well and I hope you all enjoyed Greed's Javby streams as much as I did!
Having such a experienced streamer producing top quality content wasn't surprise, but on the other hand TCB pleasantly shocked us all with their professional approach to Javby streams. People behind their streams certainly knew what they were talking about. Commentary was on point and at same time quite entertaining for new players. Well done and Big Thank You TCB crew!
Thanks to Aeronwen and Kohath for streaming/recording few matched on DoF_tv. We should have done more but oh well:p
Smiley also deserves praise for his Javby recordings!

As for the promotion part, Thanks to TW's PR Callum for spreading word about Javby over social medias. It helped us a lot!
Another member of the community deserves our eternal gratitude. This person is Rey who found free time to make and maintain statistics thread! He did all of this manually by going through every match's log which makes his work and dedication even more impressive!
Thanks to everyone that has played our "Predictor" forum game and huge thanks to ChatNoir for making us great looking award for this game!

Last but not the least Thanks to all the Teams and their Players for participating in this First Javby Tournament.

See you soon :wink:
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A big thanks to DoF and the admins for running a first e-sports competition on Warband!
bad pun intended

Congrats to Kaphe'ler and Drink team for 1st and 3rd place!

Looking forward to the next one :grin:


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Everything Erminas said.

This was so much fun to watch and play.

DoF and friends have been casually playing Williams mod for a while now and it was amazing to see Kahpe'ler and TCB take play to the next level

I am very pleased the community has a new streamer in TheCardBoardBox, I hope it encourages more  people to give it a go.


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Thank You!

I am late as always, but at least consistent :razz:. To start with I would like to congratulate all the winners, and give huge thanks to all the admins for hosting such a great tournament. It was an incredible pleasure to be a part of this exciting, fun gamemode. It would definitely be a great idea to host another one of these in the nearest future.

Now a bit more about the statistics. It has probably been noticed that they were updated quite late every week, there were some mistakes in the process, which got fixed eventually and I couldn't deliver the statistics that some people wanted and I am sorry for that. I will try to have this system improved by the time we have 2nd tournament of this kind and I will try to deliver the best possible amount of different stats.

Now, the winners. It was a great pleasure to see how people have performed according to all these incredible numbers. I would like to say that we indeed had a lot of great players in this tournament and stats really show that.


The role of a defender is very important in this gamemode
and while majority of players did their work very well,
Tomayus went beyond and showed some extreme level of defending.
He had an incredible run this tournament and in the end he was
the one to outperform every other defender.​


Reading your opponents, predicting their next move,
being at the right place at the right time is what makes
for an amazing attacker and Pendragon showed how influential
this role can be. He has been an incredibly consistent player
and in the end he has come on top.​

Pendragon & Khefren

Most of the players did team tackle at least once, but
Pendragon & Khefren unfortunately did it the most putting them at the
top of the current statistic.​

Menethil & Cernunnos

Intercepting a pass is the great indicator of player's ability to
read their opponent. Being the winners of this award
Menethil & Cernunnos showed that they're indeed great at what
they do. ​

*Great Thanks to Knightmaree for these amazing trophies!



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It was an excellent experience, and I'd be glad to repeat this. Thanks for hosting  :grin: