Jómsvíkingar [Víkingar based Warband]

favorite faction ? (just for fun)

  • Vikingar

    Votes: 39 62.9%
  • Goidil

    Votes: 4 6.5%
  • Engle

    Votes: 1 1.6%
  • Rus

    Votes: 9 14.5%
  • Normanz

    Votes: 9 14.5%

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I got to go to work on the coming Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, But Friday is the one that suits me best.  :smile:
It depends on when we are planning these sessions though, after 17:00?
I just realized you guys are in the same TS that my old friends own! I'll be popping by to play with you a few times during the week if you're around, should you not mind! :grin:

Important Jómsvíkingar Updates 16.07.12

these will be the following ranks. we rank you by how much youre active and how much enemy blood you spill.

the ranks will make it easyer too see who is active and whos not

Jarl = Leader

Hersir = 2nd Leader

= Highest of the Hird

Húskarl = Veteran Warrior of the Hird

Hirðrmaðr = Man of the Hird

A if you have enough space in youre name you could add a Aftername which would be the Fathers name of youre caracther.
Example: Úlfr_Haraldrsson_Jomsborg it basiclly mean Úlfr Son of Haraldr of the JomsHirdr
Wewould also need evryone of you too be as active as you can be without being bored!

Weekely gatherings will be held on Sundays!

So start voteing for what time

- Hersir Úlfr

Sorry i was ment too Say We will have ranks for example i will be ''Úlfr_Hersir_Jomsborg'' and sigvaldi will be ''Sigvaldi_Jarl_Jomsborg''

ask me on steam or on the forum for witch rank you i should give you
nope so that would be Skaldnir_Hirdmadr_Jomsborg
also add me on skype so we can communiate other than here ''creaturescibow''
Informing all jomsvikingar that I will be gone for 5 days, and coming back on sunday!
Pretty shure I will be home in time to participate in our first gathering, but I don't know yet.
Have good Time buddy! also Eldjárn's avatar is awesome ^^ also i have been without internet for 2 days so thats why i havent been playing

Jómsvíkingar Update 19.07.12
Roster updated, rank system and kicked two inactive members

AND most important of all, we will have our trianings on sundays 6-7pm  GMT, remember that we wont start until most of us is home from vacations so e patient. in the mean time we have challenged L'Armee Du Batard too a clanmatch, if it will happen i hope many of you turn up


Kirgarða af Jómsborg

Jarl Sigvaldi Strút-Haraldsson
Hersir Úlfr Úlfærrson
Lenðrmaðr Rongvalðr
Húskar Háltan Úlfærrson
Húskarl Hjálmarr Finnsson
Húskar Drengr Folkesson
Húskarl Jöfursteinn
Húskarl Kolskeggr
Bueskytter Tugmundr
Bueskytter Askjell
Bueskytter Snorri Ragnarrson
Hirðmaðr Hrœdberð
Hirðmaðr Sigmúndr
Hirðmaðr Belli
Hirðmaðr Oleifr
Hirðmaðr Eldjárn
Hirðmaðr Haraldr Jarnheysur
Hirðmaðr Ásgerða
Hirðmaðr Reynir Gudmindsson
Hirðmaðr Alfarr Kaðallsson
Hirðmaðr Ögmundr Geirisson
Hirðmaðr Thorgeir Ekkisson
Hirðmaðr Ingólfr Ívarrsson
Hirðmaðr Sture Haraldrsson
Hirðmaðr Hákon Snorrisson
Hirðmaðr Sveinn Ragnarsson

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