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Soup was good, as always. Mead was also good, but lad who was serving drink was little bit drunk.
Ragnar, to correctly display your signature you ought to put the link between image tags.


Thank you, Ragnarr and the Jómsvíkingar, for this battle tonight! Your men hit us hard during the first map and forced us to kindle our spirits to a blinding flame! Until next time...
Dear members,don't forget the event on the 18th May. You will find here the name that you picked up for the event, please create a character with your slavic name soon as possible. In the bottom of the thread is a important notice about that names.

The Event is on the 18th May, check here on what time:http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=V%C3%ADkingr+Event%3A+Dn%C4%9Bpr%C5%AD&iso=20140518T19&p1=136

Ragnarr    Ragaslaw Woshd
Leifr          Burislaw
Björn        Zhitu
Haraldr      Mysleta
Leiknir      Letunu     
Olafur          Furustenu 
Toke            Borya       
Mar              Rurik
Randolf        Vladimir
Astradr        Dragomer
Oleif              Drazhi
Gunnar          Gurdrunu
Bork              Kolka
Eir                  Vladislav
Drengr          Dragunu
Ivarr              Ivan
Oddr              Obida       
Gerald            Rache
Hagaron          Wraak
Dianna              (not taking Part)
Katlin                Dragomira
Catlin                  Kashika
Stara                  Starzicha
Erik                    (Not taking part)
Asgeirr                Igorev
Isbjörn              Nedivitu
Valbjörn              Valery
Hrafn                  Raedo
Dreki                  Drekitry   
Steinn            Sekera     
Beilr                  Vladiku
Skallagrim          Ostoi
Skaldnir            Vitislav
Skialgr            Dmitry
Sigtyr                Georgievu
Ysmir              Zvonimir
Garondr        Piotr
Fridgeir        Ljutomir
Olvir            Rhyslav
Ketill          Igori
Arnulf          Vlacko     
Anund        Aepa
Jorundr        Yaroslavu
Skardr          Skar
Saeko          Bohuslav
Jöfurstein    (Not taking part)
Daniel            Yuriwan
Dobas            Dobraku
Reika          Dabrowka
Bjarni          Groznata
Magnus      Bratyslav
Byrnjolf        Andrei
Eldgrim          Gridata

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Don't forget to put "Yamichi" behind your name. No ranks.

Gallery of the Dnepru event  18.5.2014

Inside the shieldwall

The "Anti-Archery-Shieldwall"

Up the walls!

The mighty wall

Shieldwall near the latter

Through the dirt





Topics of the next Ting:  23.5.2014

1.- Organizing of the Jomsborg event on the 25.5.2014
2.- Discussion about a new rank for archers.
3.- Discussion about a new rank for a bannerwearer.
4.- Steam names.
5.- Second Jomsvikingar steam group for Svennr,where we can watch the activity of new recruits and decide of they are good and trustworthy for us.

6.- Punishment for the people who signed up to the Dnepru event but didn't come. At the moment this people are debted:

Gunnar  demoted
Skallagrim          kicked
Arnulf                  -
Bjarni                kicked
Garondr            kicked
Katlin                kicked
Byrnjolf              -
Asgeir                -
Ketill                  kicked
Ivarr                  demoted
Drengr              -
Steinn                warned
Bork                    warned
Jorundr (Left during event)  warned
Eldgrim                                warned
Haraldr (Left during event)  warned
Hagaron                              -
Olvir                                      warned

The people on those list are free to go to the Ting to defend theirself. If they don't, they have no right to complain. The punishment will be decided by the majority of the Ting.
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