I've united Poland (and Europe by accident)

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Took me ages, but finally it's done. No more weak and splited Polish Principalities, but one, united Kingdom of Poland (under my humble rule  :lol:

I really want to say thanks a lot! to every person involved in making and improving 1257, here and at 4chan/vg/mbg (since I've played version modded by one of anons from that thread, which version I recommend a lot, btw).

I've even made short vid, but frankly speaking quality of this is pretty horrid (I'll post it anyway  :twisted:)
Once again, thank you very much! :*
:shock: I've never played 1257 (now I realise I must), so I didn't realise what you were talking about at first. Then I watched the vid, and holy **** (pardon my French), that took some time and effort. Well done :party:
Thanks  :smile:
It's probably slightly less hard than it seems to be at first sight, despite the number of fiefs etc (which is crazy, that's true). 1257 makes few crucial points of conquering the map much less of a chore than they are in native or in other mods (for instance: garrisoning the newest gains- there is not even  such a thing, you just grant your vassals new fiefs and they take care of it really fast. Or earning gold, particulary at early to mid game- there is hudge number of faction (some of them could make Swadia blush btw.) and there are constanly tournaments going on pretty much 24/7 somewhere quite close too you. Prize for winning is 7-13k, too).
DrTomas said:
Wow, nice one!

This is first time I saw anyone uniting everyone like that. Hoped you enjoyed it!

It was fun af, honestly.
I had just 1 moment of crisis, my previous save broke around day 1600 and I had to take a break, this was different version of mod ,tho (plus my toaster tier desktop might take a part in this).

Took me few days pass day 1900 now, everything was stable all the time (I still keep the save btw).
Later on I realised that I was very lucky at picking up moment when to start own kingdom. It should be done when there is still a lot smaller factions. If someone misses this point and wait untill there are only few hudge blob for kingdoms left, it might be too late. Other than that, there is nothing pushing player to speed things up, which I love as well, since I rly like to take my time  :smile:

Well, I guess I'll try to do the same in Geko now :wink:
Thanks a lot again :*

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