I've finished the anime, send help.


Master Knight
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First of all, thanks to the developers, because of you I have discovered the horrors of Berserk and until the end of the animu I enjoyed every minute of it.

Now, spoilers from here on.
I understand that you're meant to read the mango after watching the animu, but still, what the hell.
I've watched some gory stuff, like Spartacus and Hellsing Ultimate, but still. I feel ill after seeing that. Do I have a normal response to Berserk or is this me being weak?


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Ok, really....the anime was a bit tame compared to the manga, I think.

Between Guts having his eye gouged out, and having to rip his forearm off while it was in the jaws of a monster, that'd be pretty bad in itself. But then having to watch your best friend-turned-evil-god rape the woman you where in love with and shatter her mind for like, 400+ chapters, is really, really bad. So yea, it's an average reaction.