It's time to remove captain mode from multiplayer

Remove captain mode ?

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I'm sick of logging in to forums and seeing threads about captain mode, no matter how hard taleworlds work to improve captain mode, the ai will always be exploitable. TW is wasting their time working on this pve mode instead of focusing on real multiplayer. The only people that play this mode is people that are new to the multiplayer or circlejerks that stack up against new players in captain mode and make them quit playing multiplayer. People that stack up in captain mode are all bad at basic combat btw. They don't even know how to block basic attacks even though they all have thousands of hours in this dead game. Anyone with a hundred hour in pvp can beat these "competitive" captain players.

Stop wasting time on noob mode taleworlds, it's time to address real issues like packet loss, server crashes and releasing battle mode.


it's the playerbase's fault for refusing to play captain not design flaw, our vision is unquestionable


There's already too few content in multiplayer. If they remove the captain mode, the mp is dead


There's already too few content in multiplayer. If they remove the captain mode, the mp is dead
OR replace it with actually fun modes from warband and allow private servers to release so cult followings like Mount & Siege and GK can flourish, allow mod packs to be downloaded for private servers so that you can have fun like on GK TDM and Siege with custom weapons and siege equipment? But yeah, you're right. My idea is stupid, lets keep a bad mode so people can keep hating it.


im still wondering why this doesnt happen in Napoleonic wars, or even in the only Native captain mode server, its due de number of bots? more players per battle?, size of the map, or maybe because those maps are more open than bannerlords? maybe a mix of all


All Captian Mode players should be rounded up and forced to fight Kradus until they learn how to block. Should keep them occupied for quite a while.


You forgot some voting options.

3) I really don't care about captain mode.
4) It is perfectly fine when newcomers and noobs have own, less competitive game modes.
5) I don't blame noobs for taleworld's inability to improve the game.
6) I don't feel str0nk blocking Kradus.

multiple answers should be allowed.


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We'll make all of the captain mode players spend a minimum of 20 hours practicing blocks against Kradus when all of the tryhard skirmish chads stop making threads to trash captain players.
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