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Salve good folks
First i want to say that i play this awesome game only few hours 2,3 on a week, simple the reality time is not there,.second  is that i want to play with the new CKHO but the items upgrade process is clearly not for me. I want to know if there is hope for someone like me and find a cheat to cut-off  the amount of days needed for upgrades. Or should i take off my thoughts from CKHO and settle down with the remaining game?
I will be greatfull for any suggestions

a mysterious traveler
I find that CKO upgrade times aren't so bad if you decide to start your CKO early as a vassal. Hire Jocelyn as a trainer and get economic armor/weapons can lead to a competitive CKO rather quickly, far more quickly than the time it takes to get my Avatar in the lv +35 and characters like Ansen at lv +20.

I also don't really see playing 2-3 hours a week as a huge detriment. While I've done horribly high single day play lengths, it can get amazingly repetitive if you try to power through the game in minimal sittings.
Take your time.  I find the most enjoyable part of the game is the middle part so I try to extend that as much as possible.  I try and keep all factions balanced by helping out weaker factions and making sure no one gets too powerful or too weak.  This is actually harder than conquering Pendor by the way  :razz:.
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