BL Coding Item modifiers - complicated to change or even impossible?

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I am trying to make some changes to the item modifiers so that lordly armor is not a pure fantasy anymore. If I understand correctly, this has nothing to do with the dll files and instead needs a reference to the project.mbproj file so the original file get`s overwritten. I would like to combine this with an existing mod which lowers the item prices (working fine) but no matter what I`m doing I still have the vanilla quality modifiers which are so crazily unbalanced that I have to get the price for T6 armor down to ~200 denars untill they finally appear on loot. That`s not really how I want this to be.

I copied item_modifiers.xml (renamed to item_modifiers_mod.xml) and project.mbproj into the mod`s ModuleData folder and made the correct references. Also made an entry in SubModules.xml but that`s either not necessary or not making any difference. Did I forget something or made a mistake?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<base xmlns:mad:si="" xmlns:mad:sd="" type="solution">
<file id="soln_item_modifiers" name="ModuleData/item_modifiers_mod.xml" type="item_modifier" />
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