Item merchants in towns should also repair and upgrade your items for a fee like they did in Viking Conquest.

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In Viking Conquest, you could find the weapon or armor trader and have them increase the quality/stats of your gear (this would remove bad modifiers like torn for a moderate price and add positive modifiers like thick and lordly for very large sums) I think that this suggestion would not only be a good money sink for your character, companions and family members in mid-late game, it would also increase the overall survivability and makes the warrior gameplay much more viable. But another effect of adding this "feature" would be to give reasons for players to enter towns (which look incredible for the most part) they otherwise wouldn't.
Some other suggestions would be adding whores (or whatever their names would be) in or near back alleys, where you would pay a sum (maybe scaling with party size?) to increase the party morale. The innkeepers and maids/wenches in taverns should also have the text option of buying your men a round rather when you talk to them rather than how it is right now (iirc you have to talk to the barkeep, need to select a text box and then the option of buying a drink opens up). I feel that all in all, these features would go a long way in incentivising players to actually visit towns


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I like the weapons suggestion, I mean I think we should be able to pay a blacksmith to make us a weapon we design without having to grind smithing for hours.

As for the back alleys, I always wanted an option to pay the gang leaders some money to "spread terror" in rebellious cities. By that I mean paying them money, getting a temporary loyalty buff, and perhaps getting negative traits
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