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item editor and teh module system

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i'm working on a mod and wanted to know if changes made using the item editor would be overwritten the next time i click build_module in the module system

hmm, is that explained very well?

what i mean is are the changes made via the item editor perminatent or will they disapear when i next use the module system


Yes, they will be overwritten. Happened to me when I was just starting off aswell and I was very surprised and confused.


When you run the build_module.bat it replaces all the "text" in the documents.. Therefore does it always overwrite what you did with things like the troop editor


yeah thats what i thought, i thankfully thought it through before making the mistake

so how does it work with maps etc?

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Changes made by the map editor is overwritten too but theres a tool that converts the stuff in map.txt to MS code so you can paste it in MS. I dunno where it is though.


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the map.txt that is created with the unofficial map editor will not be overwritten by build_module.bat.  However, if you move or rename parties on the world map than that will be overwritten.  I wrote this tool to copy data from parties.txt into module_parties.py and kt0 has another code that converts parties.txt directly to MS code.
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