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After many years of development, we feel the mod has gone as far as we could take it. By ourselves at least.
We've considered quite a few options and decided on the following:

1) The Last Days becomes a limited source pack. (LSP)
2) The 3.22 patch is the last big one. Small bugfixes and balance patches will follow, but we'll all take a break from TLD. May be a definite one, might be temporary, we don't know yet. We'll see what Mount and Blade 2 looks like. :wink:
3) While some kind of development will continue in our internal SVN, we'd be really happy if a dedicated team chose to port to Warband accepting the core concept of TLD. We'd provide all the support we could to such a project.
4) Of course, it's LSP for EVERYONE, so feel free to make all the horrible abominations you ever wanted to. :wink: I can see the movie items replacing our own already. PLATE FRIGGIN' ARMOUR! I know.
5) Merry Christmas from all of us!  :!:

What do you get?

1. All the graphics and sound/music assets. Grab them from the mod as it is for download on ModDB.
2. The source code. (either on ModDB, or here:
3. A google doc with quest outlines : 
4. If you're interested in such a thing, we can send you a plan of features TLD was supposed to have, but which we never got to implementing. A more or less current buglist as well.

What we ask of you? (aka the conditions of the LSP)

"1 - Music is to be used as is, without editing in anyway, shape or form. This includes using parts or the whole to create music, or merge with other copyright works.
2 - Credit must be given to Composer Vladan Zivanovic with a link to web site. This is to direct other modders to free music which will be available for use under same terms.
3 - A link to mods page should be sent to the composer, using website contact page would be easiest."

1. Don't use any of the assets for commercial purposes. (feel free to use them to mod other games though)
2. Give us credit if you use our stuff. (if you want to credit specific creators, here's our own credit list:,2465.0.html)
3. Optional: Tell us about what you're doing with this OSP, preferably in this thread. Show it off! :smile:

Lastly - if you ever contributed to TLD and do not agree with your contribution being included in the LSP, let me know!


If someone could move this to the OSP sub, that's be great probably. :wink:


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Holy crap! Good news.

I think I'm safe to say for everyone this will come in handy. Thanks for all the hard work you and your team have put into this Merlkir and how long you have spent on it. Congrats on a great mod run and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  :razz:



Wow... this is very noble of everyone involved... I wouldn't do this, ever... My hat goes off to you, people. Really.


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Thank you, Merlkir. I can't believe I once doubted you were ever going to do it. I'll be sure to use your work well!
Thanks to the whole Last Days team - may the Gods bless you all.
First off,  :eek:.

4) Of course, it's OSP for EVERYONE, so feel free to make all the horrible abominations you ever wanted to :wink:
Quite right! I'm sure many terrible little munchkins will kit-bash this with everything from Dain's cloaks to stolen muskets from Hunt mod!

Really, very kind of the entire team to release this and I hope it gets used admirably. Merry Christmas to the entire TLD team!


Well this is a thing unheard of!

those of you LOTR fans may recognize the above line  :wink:

P.S: @TLD Team: Great job guys! *salutes* :grin:



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That's a really big step, Merlkir. So brave. *clap* *clap* *clap*
I'd still use a legally binding license for avoiding possible problems/headaches. It covers your back.

Something like putting your work under Creative Commons BY-NC or BY-NC-SA


Depends if you want a viral license, forcing anybody who uses your assets to share them too.
That's a personal decision. Take a look.


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WOW  :shock:  :grin: Well done TLD team great work and thank you a very brave and bold thing you are doing.

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Well, it had to come sooner or later. I truly hope that it will be put to use in good mods, there are no excuses now for not making fantasy mods. (Also, marvel at the code. 'Tis sublime in places and very rarely ****. :smile:)


I'd like to add that going OS eventually was the original plan of Ancientwanker, the Old One Who Hath Passed. Yes.
It would've been a different mod, no doubt, if he stayed. In what way, we'll never know. :wink:

Although it would've most likely included more Conan. Yes.


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Hats off, people. You have crowned a great project with a no less great gesture. I'm not modder but I thank you in the name of the gamers.
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