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Item and troop name edits for 2.3

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I have edited the names of many items so that they are grammatically correct, fixed spellings, and fixed a few odd items.

Fixed a few troop names.
Edited faction names to more correctly represent the era.
Removed the Robber from every looter band. He will now only show up for the quest.
Exchanged Brigands two handed hammers with a two handed axe that can be used on their horse. (Needs new game to work)
Fixed a couple typos in the companion dialogue.
Changed mounted flag for some troops so that they are assigned to the correct class of troop. (Needs new game to work)

IN ORDER FOR THE WEAPON RENAMING TO WORK THE FILE item_kinds.cvs MUST BE DELETED FROM THE FOLDER    Knights the Last Battle 2.3\languages\en. 

I have tested after doing this and notice no abnormalities or errors.



Did you delete the file item_kinds.cvs from your languages\en folder? I had that same issue when I was editing the names, but deleting it fixes that.
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