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I don’t share your viewpoint. Bannerlord combat is much more in depth and rather than relying on abusing it in unintentional ways you can try to master it to be better in the way that it’s intended.
How does Bannerlord have more depth in combat? It's not like directional shield blocking or uphit changed from swing to thrust really affects your better-than-average player. Of course there is chaining the hits but realistically it only has an effect if the first swing lands, meaning that eventually you'd just prepare every hit as a chain from muscle memory automatically not really raising the skill ceiling.

At the same time, some of the mechanics that broke the normal hit-block-hit -cycle in Warband have been nerfed quite a bit in Bannerlord. For example chambers have been made pretty much impossible, to the point it's not worth the risk, same goes for kicking. Already 1v1 between good players tends to last untill either one gets bored or jinxed by the armour system and it'll only get worse once more and more people learn the game.

The very reason why good players in Warband resort in abusing the system. As others have stated in this thread, it isn't good game design but there really was no other option.