It seems patches are really dropping off (Poll)

Will Bannerlord Ever Be The Game They Promised?

  • No.

  • Yes...Eventually.

  • The Major Problems Are Going To Have To Be Fixed By Modders.

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It seems that the patches are tapering off and not frequent at all anymore.
I have a feeling that whatever major problems the game has(there are many), they are more than likely here to stay. The last two patches, since breaking the troop group system, have been crash fixes and obscure quest fixes. There has been nothing to repair the troop grouping system or add features.
Are you hopeful that the game will ever become the game they advertised long, long, long ago?


Really vague question.
Promised... When? Where? By who and to who?
Mostblunted got it right, except for the Criminal Enterprise, BL is somehow close to what is described on Steam page.
In addition to what is already available in game, we can expect to get what is listed here and here.
But clearly BL will never become a simple copy of WB (probably we will see a "warband legacy" mod, who knows).
TW decided to try new things, it is working for some of them and not really for the others...
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