Issuing kingdom commands on the campaign map

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There's an old strategy game I really love called Majesty. One of its unique features is that you don't really control the units, they have their own AI behavior and basically do what they want. However, you can "steer" their behavior by flagging bounties, to kill a monster, explore an area, defend a position, etc. They may or may not do these things and they may or may not be successful in their attempts.

Well, getting further into my current bannerlord playthrough, once I got a sizeable kingdom really up and running, I started getting some Majesty vibes, having all those armies running around doing things autonomously. And I started thinking to myself, I wish I could influence my armies to defend a certain area, or to tell that giant army which just gathered every noble in the kingdom to go and siege that castle over there, rather than just walking in circles in the middle of our territory.

Just like how you command the troops in battle, kingdom rulers should be able to suggest actions to the nobles on the campaign map, like siege a target, defend a fief, patrol an area, etc.
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