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Issues with shaders - FX & FXO files

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I've got an issue that appears to be a conflict between shaders from Napoleonic wars and shaders from Persistent World; I can't get shaders from both mods working at the same time, only one or the other; I've added the NW fx files (mb_2a.fxo, mb_2b.fxo & postFX.fx + postFX.txt) to the module directory, but they don't work.

If I rename or remove mb.fx, the NW shaders will work, but all PW shaders will be missing. If I keep the mb.fx, NW shaders will not work, even though the mb_2a.fxo, mb_2b.fxo & postFX.fx + postFX.txt are still present (so mb.fx overrides them, I assume).

This is the first time I've done anything with these files (and I'm literally copying and pasting), and I'm not entirely sure what to do with them to get them working together (if they can), so any help would be appreciated!


I don't know (or remember, at least) whether the NW shader source code is public: if it is, you should merge the PW changes with it ("git diff 8f468cb..pw shaders/", which includes commits 9ec7071, 7d368ed, f91f028), or if it is kept private, remove the "load_mod_resource = pw_shaders" line from module.ini, then scan the module for errors in OpenBrf and fix any missing shaders to use some other Warband version (or check pw_shaders.brf and follow usages of each entry before removing it).

I believe only the file mb.fx is checked for and used from the module directory (it can be either compiled or uncompiled), and possibly also postFX.fx.
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