Issues with food shortages, voting for fiefs

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1. Food shortages in towns and castles you own seem to occur for no good reason - even when there's been no war or raiding, and every buiding is at max. It's rarely possible to keep a town or castle fully garrisoned, or even half garrisoned. Could there be more explanation about the causes and what to do if there's a food shortage? I'm sure there's a deep interesting reason I just can't figure it out.

2. The voting for fiefs system is totally arcane - you conquer a castle or a town singlehanded and aren't included in the vote. You do this repeatedly and are never, ever included. But you will be awarded a castle at random you had nothing to do with. Also, the highest voting percentage doesn't always win. This is extremely frustrating please explain the logic in game or fix it so that if you conquer the castle you have a higher chance of being voted as the owner, or are at least always included in the vote if you take it yourself.
1) Since 1.4 i have a actually been finding it a lot easier to maintain castle and towns, sounds like you not ruling your own empire so policies are probably the main difference.

2)The ruler can override the majority at the cost of extra influence. but your right rather annoying to take a castle on your own and not even get in on the vote, its a bit silly
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