Issues With Bannerlord To Fix Before Full Release

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Right now there are quite a few issues with Bannerlord that should get resolved especially before full release. I put out a Wishlist at the beginning of the year and not much was done which i wasn't really surprised about. I hope a developer sees this and understands that we have issues that need attention I would say before your new console players have to see it.
1) Oil and wine should be consumables again, for one it would make the shops worth more which they do lack behind others and it would also give more food stocks in towns.
2) Armies now have the ability to join a siege in progress. The issue it seems the AI tends to favor this tactic and now we get 1500-2000 army sieges and this leads to my next point.
3) Food is a terrible issue, even worse for castles. I have mentioned this quite a few times over the last 12 months and no one seems to want to address the issue. I can easily starve any town by raiding their villages so they go negative food then just sit there and siege till their garrison is starved out. Running out of food while sieged or not even being sieged is a disaster as you lose your garrison and need it now more than ever with armies being able to join sieges. I think the inside production should go up, prosperity usages should go down and we should get a stash that the town/castle draws from to help stop this issue. Money used to be the biggest hurdle, by far it is food, it is almost a waste to use any garrisons now and so easy to starve anyone out. This should NOT be the norm to play the game. Step 1 starve them out, Step 2 break walls....instant win, just not enjoyable.
4) Workshop prices being double was a bad decision and while early game is it possible to make great money that is dependent on how many of their shops are in the town or area. I made a video explaining this and buying a shop to change it so multiple don't exist can cost you 20k to do so that is not feasible early game. The shop prices should be lowered, 25k-30k is ridiculous for early game shops
5) As I have been saying also for almost a year, sturgia needs some love, For 1 their shops are the worst in the game, too much fur, take a couple and change them to anything to help with workshops. You changed 1 village production already in W empire land, but can't sturgia get some love. As the veteran bowmen. This is baffling but why do you have a Tier 5 archer that has almost the same stats, skills, and gear as a forest bandit. That's right, check it out they are almost the same, a tier 5 archer that is really a forest bandit is something that needs fixing.
6) Noble lines appearing like candy all over the map was a bad move. I know not all agree with me but why didn't you just use the old system but lower the required power level for notables to have them. Why make them so easily accessible to anyone. They are great noble troops and now most armies are running with 30%-50% cav/horse archers. Why use a new system when the old one wasn't broke, just needed tweaking.
7) The price to recruit noble I think is way to high. Some need 4-6 million to get and I know they have fiefs but it is so much easier to make companion clans and take the fiefs than actually using charm to try and convince them to join which is what we should be doing. But you have made it really not viable to do, It takes way to long to save upwards of 5 million just to get 1 clan. I am not saying it should drop to some crazy number like under 1 million but have others things be able to bring that value down charm and relation should play a bigger role in dropping that price where right now, it really doesn't
:cool: Everything has a price still is a sore issue. You need to spend 10 points in social and spend 500-800 days doing nothing but trading and mostly horses to get it. I know it is a powerful perk but 300 is something most will never want to invest the time in doing. I have said it shouldn't have been moved from 225 to 300, I suggested 275. But if that is too low, then lower to 290 and let me do a test to see how fast I can get it. Most people will never try to get it since its boring and high unattainable without 10 into social. Give it some love and lower a bit so more people experience that part of the game.
9) this could be a bug but I had someone examine the code and they reported that the birth rate is 51% for girls and 49% for boys. I can say without a doubt in my mind that is not the case. Almost every game I get more girls than boys and in my last one 5 out of 6 children born were girls. making it very hard to carry on family lines as that what TW wants as people to play longer games, and the easy solution for me when my character dies is to play a female is not what I want, sorry I don't dig or roleplay playing a female
10) With the great increases to skill gains, 2 skills are still suffering, scouting and medicine. they lack behind all others are are still a problem to hit 275 before a character dies. they just need a slight boost for each of those 2
@Duh_TaleWorlds @SadShogun I would love to get your thoughts on these. I have a lot more including things like diplomacy but that is sadly fixed by a mod not TW so I didn't include those but really want to know your thoughts. I don't think any of these are out of line or too out there to really consider implementing before full release.
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