Issues with arrows, bolts and horse armors.

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Hello guys, i hope this section is the right one to explain an issue of mine.

Does anyone know where the arrows, bolts and horse armors have gone from the cities? Since the realease of stable 1.6.0 game version (currently i'm playing on stable 1.6.3), if i remember correctly, suddenly all arrows/bolts and horse armors have vanished from "Trade" of all of calradian cities. What i use now for arrows/bolts and horse armors is from what i get by looting defeated enemies. Is just me or anyone else have the same issues?

Also i remember until 1.5.9 every city had all of its own culture's gear/weaps for sale, including arrows/bolts and horse armors. Now few cities have few culture's gear/weaps and no arrows/bolts and horse armors. (i.e. there is only one Aserai city, which have some few aserai's gear/weaps of all of their 4-5 starting cities). Most of the calradian cities have only horses, food items (grain, cheese, grapes etc.), village's products (hardwood, iron ore etc.), sometimes they have some low tier armors/civilian outfits and livestock for sale.

Why all this mess? Was there a patch note saying that arrows/bolts and horse armors are removed from city's trade and i didn't noticed? Was there another patch note saying that not all of calradia's cities will have gear and weaps? Please help!

Thanks in advance
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They are present in stores in 1.6.4 beta, have not played 1.6.3 stable. I'm not 100% if bolts or standard arrows are guaranteed to be in towns at games start (sometimes normal arrows are absent in some towns at start) or if they require %chance of being created by a work shop, but the horse armors I think do need to made at % chance and only will be in some cities. I've defiantly seen a healthy spread of items in 1.6.4 beta and 1.6.3 beta before that, but have not played 1.6.3 stable.

If you are certain that items are not spawning after a considerable amount of game time AND are not using any mods, I suggests you make an actual report with a .sav file here


Thanks for your quick response Ananda. I'm playing the game since 1.5.7 stable version, if i recall. Everything was normal with or without mods, until 1.5.9. Since 1.6.0 was released, everything messed up. Since then i've started new campaigns everytime TaleWorlds realeased a new version (due to the incompatibility of mods with each new version - Yes, playing with mods like Freelancer, RBM, Diplomacy, Calradia Expanded, Improved Garrisons, AttributePointPerLevel and some other mods, which should be included on the standard game core, improving the game way better) just to see if my issues was resolved but no, there was still there, even if i played a considerable amount of game time. I've contacted with every modder, but all of them was saying that their mod had nothing to do with the spawning time of items, nor with which city sells what.

Anyway, i'll wait some more ingame time to see if anything changes. If not, i will follow your suggestion. Thanks again for your reply :smile:
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