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Issue that i have noticed

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I just want to let you know that so far, in my opinion this game is amazing. It's still in early access and i feel it's normal that it has some bugs and i really liked the way how the moderators and devs are taking care of the issue so far.

I thought i would talk about 2 issue that i've noticed and i was wondering if other people had the same issue.

The first one is about the poacher quest and assigning a companion to complete the task. I had assigned a companion but the companion never returned. I think it is related to the bug where the quest end sooner than expected. Hopefully it's fixed now but i just wanted to know if anyone had the same issue?

The second bug or problem that i've noticed is about archers. Archers don't always shoot when they can and from previous comment on the subject, some people mentionned that it was related to their line of sight which i think is interesting. I was wondering if anyone noticed these issue.

Thank you for reading!
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