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Need More Info [Issue] [possible bug] Soldiers from party we disband disappear.

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I posted question/ information about issue also in Bannerlord reddit group and because nobody there knows what is going on - I quess that I may encounter a bug.

I read that when we disband another party - companions and soldiers from this party should go to some town/ castle which is close and then companion should be available to be taken to rejoin our party.

Soldiers should go to local garrison.

But when I started to make tests I saw that soldiers from party I disband doesn't appear in city where companion goes. Companion appears there - but number of soldiers who are garrisoned is the same (...)

I tried different towns - result is always the same.

Situation with parties is more problematic - because sometimes we want to disband party. If these soldiers are lost - game would be just not playable.
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