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It was quiet as the orange sun dipped below the horizon in the Celtic town of Duglas. Torches were lit one by one amongst the few dozen simple wooden houses outside the town's hillfort, which itself boasted a roaring campfire that had been blazing for hours. Harvesting season had come to an end and with it the high spirits of the townsfolk. Ripe crops and merry feasts made way for long nights and freezing cold. Most of the people were inside their homes, huddling by their fires as the cold winds set in from the west.

A lone soldier stood atop the hillfort's wooden walls, overlooking the grey that was the Irish Sea. It was a solitary but important task; Welsh bandits were known to take to the sea when harvests failed and Duglas was right on their path. But today they would be facing a different foe. A few leagues down the coastline, far beyond the sight of the hillfort, a dozen longships landed in a tight cove. One after another men leapt over the side, mostly carrying bows and axes, and wearing simple leathers and padded fabrics. As more and more men hit the beach, one could have counted over a hundred heads in the cove.

A few whispers were exchanged, the leader made a gesture and the entire host started moving as one. They scaled the soft slopes of the beach's cliff and made for Duglas. The Vikings, which they were, had sailed to the Isle from the west of Scandinavia. Tales of bountiful plunder and unopposed conquest had inspired them to come and when they sighted the island they knew their prize. When they had neared the slopes of the hillfort they halted at another gesture, and all was quiet. After a brief moment of confusion the Celtic soldier on the wall shouted alarm, only to be silenced after a few words by a well-placed arrow. Soldiers started running out from the Lord's keep and as they did the Vikings charged up the hill, climbing the side and loosing arrows at any Celts that appeared upon the ramparts.

They reached the top mostly unopposed and fighting broke out on top. Axe met spear, spear met blade and javelin met shield. The Celts were outnumbered, but they wore chainmail and boiled leather which gave them a defensive edge. Yet this very same edge made them more encumbered, and many were simply out-flanked by the more lightly-clad Vikings. One by one the defenders fell and an especially dexterous raider managed to sidestep a mighty slash from the fort's lord and countered by firmly driving his spearhead through the noble's throat.

The three-legged banner was raised over the hillfort soon after and the castle town set ablaze. Duglas had fallen to the Norse, and the rest of the isle would come soon after.

The Isle of Man, or Mann, was conquered by Norwegian Vikings around 800 AD at the dawn of the Viking Age. At the time the island was sparsely inhabited by Celtic fishermen and farmers, and had no defences but its hillforts and its location. After being taken over by the Vikings the island quickly changed from a rock covered in fishermen to a fully-fledged Viking outpost. Many raids on Britain and Ireland were staged from the Isle of Mann. The Isle held a prominent position in the Kingdom of Suðreyjar (the Isles), a kingdom ruled by legendary kings such as Ivar the Boneless.
The Vikings of Mann were fearsome raiders and ensured that not even the west coast of Britain was safe from the Vikings.


As a clan, Mann believes that fun and historical authenticity are the most important aspects to having a great clan experience. To achieve the right balance between these two, we combine a relaxed but organised attitude with historical (roleplaying) names and authentic tactics. This creates a great atmosphere of cooperation and fun without subtracting from the experience of being a fearsome Viking raider.
On the battlefield we organise ourselves like a true Viking warband, under the command of a Jarl and led by Thegns. We move independently from the main force and harass the enemy wherever we can, either driving them apart by making them chase us or by constantly putting missiles into them if they do not. As berserkers we would stay closer to the main group but act as a hammer, smashing upon our shield wall anvil when the enemy gets pinned. As soon as combat gets rough and the lines break, we will storm in with our spears and leave nothing behind but gore and a dented helmet or two.

Mann is a clan of "Light Raiders". This means that we deploy as all lighter variants of Viking troops, depending on the battlefield, the situation and our general mood. The 3 main archetypes of Viking we deploy as are:
  • Skirmishers  - Same gear as archers, but with javelins. Tactics revolve around accompanying a heavier shieldwall and serving as their forward skirmishers, picking off the enemy with heavy javelins.
  • Light Berserkers - Roughly the same gear as the other two classes, but abandons all ranged weaponry in favour of a melee weapon without a shield. Uses speed and reach to win fights.
  • (If they become less useless) Archers - Light armour (leather or cloth), basic helmet, a strong bow and a spear/axe as holdout weapon. Tactics revolve around harassing flanks and outmanoeuvring heavier units.

If you prefer mobility and individual skill over a static shield wall, then Mann is the perfect clan for you.

Naming Conventions and Titles
To enhance historical authenticity, Mann requires all members to assume a Viking name whenever they are wearing the clan's "tags". This means that your in-game name has to make sense roleplay-wise. You can do this by either making your name Norse (Bjorn, Hadvarr, Halfdan) or by making up a backstory for a non-Norse viking (Radoslavl, the Russian mercenary turned Viking raider). Having these names creates a sort of character that you play whenever you play with us, which causes for an awesome story to develop as you go from battle to battle. Furthermore, it is a lot cooler to be a Viking called Bjorn the Brave than xxL00terzxx1337.

On the topic of Bjorn the Brave, Mann has a system of titles implemented. This allows us to grant titles to players who excel in combat or do something else to deserve one. You would add your title to your tags behind your character name when you are granted one. This means that your above-mentioned roleplaying name cannot have a title in it from the start. You're going to have to earn it.

Our tags are as follows: Mann_Name_Title
So, for our friend Bjorn it would be: Mann_Bjorn_the_Brave

Mann is a subclan of GLAIVE, which stands for Gamers Loving An Intense Variety of Entertainment. It is also an excuse for me to translate my unhealthy obsession with bladed polearms into a community name. GLAIVE is an online TeamSpeak-based community that anyone can join to play games, hang out and generally just have fun. Throughout the day people can be found on our TeamSpeak playing all genres of video games together and having weird conversations. When you join Mann you will not only join a badass Viking warband, but you will also become a part of a vibrant community of people who share similar interests and great to hang out with. You can join GLAIVE's TeamSpeak, even if you are not a member of Mann (it's open to anyone), by connecting to


Jarl Kettil Flatnefr (Galadhion)
Kettil Flatnefr is the current Jarl of Mann and the leader of most raids that sail from the isle. He is the firstborn son of the original Viking conqueror of the Isle of Mann and has held the Jarldom since his early 20's. Under Kettil, Mann became a renowned staging ground for Viking raids in and around the Irish Sea. To the dismay of the Jarl of Dublin, Kettil led numerous raids on southern Ireland during his early career, nearly managing to sack even Munster. The riches that flowed in from his pillaging allowed for Mann to prosper. Downtrodden Celtic hillforts were rejuvenated as fortified Viking long halls and Kettil and his retinue wielded the finest blades.
Today Kettil is in the twilight years of his life, aged over 50, but his heart still burns with fire. The heathen invasions of Britain have made the Christians weaker than ever before and Kettil is eager to seize this as his swan song.

Thegn Grimr (Grymhar)
[size=12pt]Thegn Yngve Waldherson (Rene)

[size=12pt]Tore Ulfsson (Business Simon)
Tore was born the son of a goði on the Isle of Mann, his father being a Norwegian settler there. He learned much from his father about the Norse gods, but craved for blood and battle. At age 24 he joined a company of raiders who pillaged Irish and Mercian coastal villages and monasteries. Gaining fame within the company’s ranks for his brutality and bloodcurdling battle cry he came to lead them on several successful raids. Now aged 29 he has joined the jarl of his homeland to bring fire and death to the Britons.
Thorgil af Orknü (Macjof)
Thorgil Botulfson af Orknü was the fourth son of King Botulf of Orkney. Standing to inherit none of his father's titles and wanting to avoid the petty squabling over inheritance between his three brothers, Thorgil left Orkney and sailed with various crews for 12 years. By the time he was 32, he decided to abandon his travelling and take up a more permanent position, taking up a position in the court of the Jarl of the Isle of Mann. From there he embarked upon many campaigns under the Jarl, campaigns which continue to this day...
Brynjolf (jackho1412)
After leaving a life of crime, Brynjolf travelled to the Isle of Mann to gain plunder and loot the legal way.
Radoslaw Perunchwal (Thelgorth)
Radoslaw grew up near the Polish settlement of Gniezno in the domain of the Piasts. His farther was a craftsman but his younger brother stood to inherit the family business as he was too wayward in his ways. He took a few possessions with him and has travelled north to the lands of the Pomeranians. From there on board merchant ships and fishing boats he landed in Scandinavia where he joined the local raiders in their adventure to Britain, lured by the promise of riches and fame. He is know as Perunchwal, as he kept the faith of his people and held the deity Perun with the highest regard, as he is the God of war and thunder. After one of the raids he ended up stationed on the Isle of Mann, where he met the warband and decided that he would fit in rather well with their customs both of warfare and culture.
Guthrak (Potatoeman)
Guthrak Guthrakson, son of Guthrak Guthrakson  was born in a small village in central Scandinavia. His father was renowned as a great warrior and leader of men, and Guthrak and his brothers vied for his attention and favour. This brotherly competition turned sour when Guthrak, filled with battle rage, killed his own brother in what was supposed to be a friendly duel when his sibling goaded him with insults. For this crime, Guthrak was branded Kin Slayer, had one of his eyes removed, and was exiled from his tribe. He wandered the forests aimlessly, killing and eating what he could, until he stumbled upon Jarl Kettil Flatnefr's warband. Kettil recognized Guthrak's prowess in battle, and offered him service in his warband. Now Guthrak fights faithfully at Kettil's side, trying to regain his honor.
Arvid Fri (Padihitman)
Godi (Godi)
Belli (Bellefontei)
Illugi (Jimentoon)
Kvasir (Wezzix)
Karl the Tosser (Phury)
Dryke (SaintRogue)
Born a Scoto-Pict, Dryke was sold off by his starving family at a young age to the men of Strathclyde, where he was to work the field day and night. After years of labour, he finally caught a break when he was captured as a slave by the men of Mann. Rather than have him work the field, his new masters gave him an axe and a few pennings. Ever since then he has been loyal to the Isle of Mann.
Einar Hosvig (Esuke)
Born in the harsh wilderness of Northern Scandinavia into a poor family, Einar dreamed of traveling away from his dull surroundings into which he had been born. When  Einar turned 18, a group of rovaming bandits came across his village seeking food and help for wounded members of the group, injured in a scuffle with another bandit group. When the strict elder of the village refused to give the help them the help they desperately needed, the bandits descided to take it by force. They sacked the village and murdered it's inhabitants, Einar the lone survivor. He fled the village adn traveled across the sea to Britannia to seek glory and wealth in the armies of Lords, doing things no man should do to earn the funds. He eventually ended up on The Isle of Mann, where he set about earning a reputation as a descent and trustworthy warrior.
Leofwine Haraldsson (TheVeryBritishBrigadier)
Leofwine Haraldsson is a Saxon way out of his depth, once an assistant to the Father at the church in Broad-Ford he was captured by the raiders from Mann who were on a pub crawl down the river Avon. Despite being Christian amongst heathens he earned the respect of the clan after in a attempt to escape while bound he successfully bit of Thegn Grimr's left bollock. He was given the right to fight alongside the raiders as a result of that ball incident, despite the fact he would know which bit of a spear to use if it pierced his arse. He is not a valued member of the clan and is more likely to die due to 'friendly fire' than go down in a blaze of glory... beats getting 'Blood-Eagled' I suppose.
Cormac (Sloth)
Cormac was born in a small coastal village on the Isle of Ireland. His childhood was of little excitement as he was taught the ways of fishing by his father. However his peaceful lifestyle ceased when the village was raided by a sizeable group of Danish warriors. His father was killed in the fruitless defence of the settlement. Many other villagers including Cormacs mother were put to the sword following the raid.
Cormac was captured and forced into slavery. After many years of being chained to an oar he escaped his capture on the coast of the Isle of Mann. He pledged himself to a local Jarl knowing he needed the protection.


Are you ready to cast off and bring death and fire to the Britons? Joining up with Mann is simple. Simply contact one of its warlords on Steam:

Jarl Kettil (Galadhion) -

Thegn Grimr (Grymhar) -

Thegn Yngve (Rene) -

We will answer any questions you may have, invite you to our Steam group and introduce you to the rest of the guys. You can also join our TeamSpeak right away at


Looking for a German-speaking heavy shieldwall clan? Visit our brothers in arms, the Hrefningar
So when do you guys reckon we will be able to organise any events? Even a sort of training would do, just so we are familiar with movements. This IS very different from NW linebattles...
If we're going to train we should probably cover naval battles and maybe even assign certain people to be ship captains. What do you think?
Jaakko Langspyd would be honoured to fight along side you fine warriors.

May Odin guide us to Victory!

Regards - the bastard of Mann.
It should probably be mentioned that we're probably not going to be playing as archers until the game gets rebalanced, because archers are currently useless.
-Thegn Grimr
In the battle we saw many fight bravely in the name of the gods, and I the Thane of Mann would like to give a final goodbye to all who perished in the battle, but we shall not be sad because in the battles to come we might join them in the halls of Valhalla where we shall feast, fight and cheer with our past and present brothers.
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