Is Xbox One Controller Support on the Way?

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Do the devs have any intention of releasing Xbox controller support for the game? Or is anyone working on a mod that covers most of the essential keybinds? It would be nice to be able to rebind F (keyboard) to A (Xbox) for all interactions, but the keybind controls in Options don't let you do that. I figured out how to do it with reWASD, but it's still a little awkward, as A (Xbox) is also set to be the jump key. So, for example, initiating a conversation with the A (Xbox) key works, but I was hopping at the same time, until I remapped A (Xbox) to (B Xbox). I also mapped some of the function keys to the D-pad for ordering troops in combat. It's a little bit of a PITA given how many commands there are, but I mostly have been using F1+F3 (Charge) and O + F6 (AI controls all troops), and those are easy individual remaps to the D-pad keys.

The existing keybinds on the keyboard are fine, I just have never actually played a game with keyboard and mouse, but have always used a controller for Skyrim, Witcher 3, etc, even on PC, and I find it awkward to play with a keyboard. As it stands now, there's a sort-of hybrid functionality where you can mostly play with a controller, but you still need a keyboard and mouse. Prime example, right d-pad is unsheathe, and clicking it again cycles through all your weapons. That's cool, but unsheathe is the "backslash" key on the keyboard, which is not intuitive at all.