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Is TW the worst video game company in the world?

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So I left this game when they changed archers bow timing and javelin throwing about 6 months ago pretty much punching every player in the **** who had invested thousands of hours into mastering the skill.

When this game came out, it was the best game i'd ever played in my life, the first few months of captain mode was the best gaming experience you could have.

I then watched, for absolutely mind blowingly unfathomable reasons, as TW disassembled an almost finished masterpiece, into one of the worst gaming experiences in the universe.

Over 2021 I watched TW BUFF the op weapons, and nerf the ones people rarely used. I saw them blatantly ignore suggestions, then do something that would make the game even more unplayable.

I watched them ignore hundreds of pleas to fix the G flag timer on siege so the siege servers would stop emptying because of fast G caps.


Months on end ignored

Just some explanation, anything, from the devs, on why you straight up ignore the playerbase, then just buff 2hand weapons, or do the exact opposite of what the people dedicated to your game suggest?

Can a rep from TW tell me, why does your company seem to actively do the very worst things they can think of to their game, and their fans, why do you hate us? why do you hate bannerlord? why make it if you were just goiung to ignore people and wreck it patch to patch?

Seriously, is TW aiming to be the worst video game company in the world?

They certainly act like it.

I'm playing conquerors blade now and it's 1000000000000000000000000000000x better I will never come back to TW

**** them.


for MONTHS people were screaming that mp was dying, and telling TW the exact simple reasons why, and how to fix it and save the game



I agree that tw does ignore most of our feedback but it's a bit harsh to call them worst, isn't it? So, let's chill. At least they are developing the game, slowly sure but it is something. For the MP part, let's see how it goes when the game is fully out. Most of the warband players haven't joined the bannerlord mp, they will make a difference on how lively the game is.
For singleplayer part, rely on mods. This game won't get much better i suspect.
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They're not the worst company in the world, they don't prey on micro transactions, but I really think they're.............. Dumb. Playing Bannerlord is just frustrating. Like the first time is ****ing great awesome and then when you try to replay it you begin to feel the horrible side of it and then once your mind expands to that idea, you feel it everywhere. Everything feels awful. And it becomes an awful experience. I think the devs are unable to see this and are so stubborn and decisive... In the bad way, because with TW that is a thing, that the game feels like it will never improve. And I say this because I have experienced it, I never felt my experience has improved at all, in fact it has remained the same, even with all the supposed additions and balances, I just don't feel the change, the game it's the same thing for me. If one thing stops being op and instead another one becomes op then what its even the point. If the additions they add don't completely revamp the experience and make it valuable and replayable then what is even the point of bothering with it


Go and have your little tantrum elsewhere.

If you think TW are really terrible, then you obviously have no clue at all about the gaming industry.

Do a little research on the utterly disgusting practices of EA or Ubisoft or Activision.


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Also, as long as EA (the company) exists, no other game company can be the worst :wink:

"Those aren´t loot boxes! Those are surprise mechanics!"


I mean if you think TW is the worst company you've clearly never played anyother game from anyother company. I mean TW is above decent, leaning to good. They make some bad decisions sure but they dont practice any anticonsumer **** that many others are and they clearly want to make the best game they can.

After the intial EA hype with all those positive reviews they could literally have released it 2 months after and just left it at that and take our money if they wanted but they are clearly trying to make the game good and they do listen to player feedback, just check the comments on the last stable version patch notes.

I wouldn't really call them good but they are close to it, they just need better communication and people that explain to uss why some decisions have been made and where they came from.


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The OP had some valid points for the most part, but all of them fell apart with the last insulting sentence, that could additionally be interpreted as a call for a TW diss session, which is both toxic and non-productive at the same time.
To prevent further escalation, as well as already seen mutual bashing coming from the already developed animosity between the "white knights" and "haters", I'm having this thread locked
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