Is this the first PoP tier mod for Bannerlord? (The Land of Sika)

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I was checking the Nexus to see if something cool dropped for Bannerlord, then I found this mod (released in 16th July):

It's features immediately gave me Prophecy of Pendor vibes from Warband. Here is the mod's description:

"The Land of Sika is a mod project based on mount&blade 2 bannerlord, set in a fantasy land full of mystery and legend. With overhauled and rebalanced game mechanism, a fantasy world with 8 unique main factions and a story line which lead you uncover the secrets of the world and even save it from total destruction!

-8 unique main factions and many minor factions with unique culture and history.
-A brand-new Storyline and lead you more into the story behind Sika, and decide the fate of the world!
-Redesigned lords and wanders, more useful for your party. More variety in skill and equipment template to make every hero unique.
-Fully overhauled game mechanism to bring you a new and more balanced battle experience, with more powerful high tire solider, more useful skill and more special loot system.
-Build your own settlement anywhere and establish you village, and even may upgrade to castle and town.
-Build your own Custom troops, customize them as you like, and lead them to fight and conquer the world!
-New way to interact with the game world and factions.
-Explore special sites to uncover the secret of the world and acquire riches and reputation.
-Random event system to enrich your story and test your character’s leadership.
-A pet system to offer your party special benefits.
-More sepcial clans and Evil Factions, they will also be importance factions in this land.
-New WorldMap and battle scences.
-And many more, this mod offers a entirely different expeirence!

I didn't try it yet but if features listed here are really working as intended, I think this mod can be considered landmark for Bannerlord's modding history and it makes me excited for what modders can do with Bannerlord and future of the Bannerlord's modding. Therefore I thought you guys would want to know about it too.

Some screenshots:



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Thank you.
You are welcome to try The Land Of Sika.
What is shown in the introduction is not necessarily all, and may not even be realistic.
But when you actually play, you will experience the real MOD.
Enjoy it!:grin:


-Build your own settlement anywhere and establish you village, and even may upgrade to castle and town.

That's all you had to say, I'm gonna download this when I get home from work.


You had me at "Build your own settlements" and "Make your own troops."
Strong PoP vibes, will probably reinstall the game just to try this.


I tryed it. I crash with this mod after one hour of game. And if i didn't play too much before with the native game, maybe i would have pleasure today to discover this mod. But I can't support Bannerlord anymore. I don't understand why TW is unable to make a fun game with the native version. If the goal is to later sell us more "fun" addons, I'll never do it because in my opinion it's a dishonest approach. The native game have to be good or if it's not, it's a scam. If you have the same approach as the "Sims" game, producing an incomplete game to then sell addons, then you will have a very bad reputation.
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