is this mod dead?


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Heh, this and the China mod were the reason I made an account. I played this mod at an interesting time in my life, so obviously it will stick in my subconciousness.

Everything has an end I guess. I'm just glad we have a finished product, unlike most of the other mods that stay under development for years and get slowly forgotten. With modding, it takes guts to actually end something. Notice how I said end, not abandon. There are way too many abandoned mods that were left alone to rot and wither... If modders were bakers, most would just play with the doe, add sugar on it, change its shape but never put it in the oven. The developers of 1866 got through that stage and delivered an excellent cake. I can honestly say this is the best mod on these forums, both content and gameplay wise. I'll never forget it as long as I'm alive.

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First off, this mod is great. Played it for the first time a few months ago and it's arguably the best M&B mod out there, save perhaps for The Last Days or Brytenwalda (top three in my books). It feels "complete" to me, and other than some quests here and there that weren't finished the game feels pretty much done. BUT, this game really does need a warband port. For a sample statistic 6 people on my steam friends list have mount and blade. 36 have mount and blade warband. None of these freinds were met in warband so I feel it's an unbiased statistical example of just how few people own M&B.

I know lots of people who want to play this mod, but can't because they dont own M&B and dont really have a good reason to purchase it because they already own warband.

I've dicked around with a warband port by switching the actions.txt, game_variables.txt and adding costumes_a.brf and the game is mostly functional, albiet the bugs are very annoying (though they dont really stop the game from being played). There are a few key things broken:

- Some missing vegitation textures (probably easy to fix)
- Seemingly incompatible sky textures (expected this much, probably easy to fix)
- Some custom menu materials are incompatible and cause script error reports when entering and exiting menus
- Some animations (particularly idling animations) dont work, and are subsequently replaced by a spear thrusting "ready" animation.. this occurs mostly with lords and tavern mercenaries who are standing in place. NPCs dont display the "hands up" aniamtion when you point your gun at them, though this is likely easy to fix also...

But it seems everything else works. The law system works, I havn't encountered any broken quests yet and every engagement seems to work fine. I know the devs may be busy with their lives, but for somebody who is experienced with M&B modding (for example, I have aboslutely no experience and I got this far) I dont really see how a straight-to-warband port would take three months or more. If the mod is complete, then why not bring it a little bit further and slide the singleplayer over into warband?

You're majorly selling yourself short by a longshot by not going over that last little hump....
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Just logged in for old times sake but I havent played M&B or much else for many months, anyway I wish to heartily applaud the creators of this mod which I think one of the best made for any game, "realistic" yet fun historical context and really well done. Should be more "western" games, tried a well known one recently but it was fairly rubbish and linear, so I didnt get far.

I will give 0.91 a try, the changes sound just the ticket though 0.8xxx I played was nearly there.

This mod would be awesome on Warband, could open up a whole new genre once others get on board and word gets out.


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Well...I m very proud and honored to say that after I posted this,166156.msg4718018.html#msg4718018
and had several PMs with the main developers, expecially Yellowmosquito which has always been very kind with me, I finally got official permission on using this Mod and add its features to my existing 1860s Old America!!!
It is a Mod for Warband and is one of the main 3 Mods I made, even if I just built some of it and is still very much WIP still (as one of my "best Fans" kindly underlined!!  :mrgreen:,227195.0.html )

But I am working hard on it now, and even if I am a "one man Team" atm, I m progressing well.

It will NEVER be as Awsome as 1866 was, but I m sure it will make Western Lovers like me, very happy!

Thx again and sooo much to all devs for permission and for all the fun they gave to all of us...and for FREE!!
Hats down folks!  :cool:



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I'm glad that stuff from this mod will appear in 1860's mod so we'll finally get so long awaited good western mod with warband features. If yellowmosquito pops up from time to time, just with some advice, then 1860's will probably move to perfection, just like 1866.